Amnesty International’s Updated Abortion Policy: FAQs

28 September 2020

1. Why is Amnesty International revisiting its position on abortion?

We have updated our position to align with evolving international human rights law and standards, to make it as inclusive as possible, and to ensure it addresses the full range of barriers that impede access to safe abortion and the full range of human rights violations due to criminalization of abortion.

Our position on abortion is informed by years of research and consultations with women and girls whose lives have been shattered by restrictive laws; as well as with medical providers, activists and legal experts.


The Trump administration’s war on abortion rights is worse than you think


The Trump administration has been executing a coordinated attack on what it sees as a critical public health issue. Unfortunately, the offensive is not targeting the COVID-19 pandemic, which has infected over six million people and claimed almost 200,000 lives in the US. Instead, the campaign has its sights set on women’s sexual health and reproductive rights, especially abortion. With the recent death of Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg threatening the fate of Roe v. Wade, the security of abortion rights has never been more precarious.

The administration’s brazen anti-abortion agenda includes not only well-publicized executive actions such as the expansions of the global and domestic gag rules, “conscience” exemptions to the Affordable Care Act’s contraceptive mandate, and the packing of courts with anti-abortion judges.


South Africa – No Strings Attached: The Only Kind Of Health Care Aid We Want From The U.S.

By Dr. Tlaleng Mofokeng
July 14, 2020   

Rose* traveled to three different health facilities in Gauteng province, in need of medical attention – she had already missed two periods, was uncertain if she was pregnant, and needed help right away. However, Rose left each clinic without a proper clinical examination, pregnancy confirmation, referral note, or even a proper medical history conversation. During one of these visits, she was sent away by a clerk, and during another, she was told the only nurse who performs abortions is on leave. But without access to proper care, Rose resorted to spending the little money she had on buying black market pills that promised a quick abortion, putting her at risk for hemorrhage, sepsis, and even death.


Mexico – Initiative for the decriminalization of abortion rejected in Guanajuato

Initiative for the decriminalization of abortion rejected in Guanajuato

By Yucatan Times
May 26, 2020

Guanajuato, Mexico - Representatives from the Justice and Public Health Commissions rejected this Tuesday May 26th, the initiative on the decriminalization of abortion in Guanajuato, declaring it inadmissible with three votes in favor and six against.

In a virtual session, legislators from the Guanajuato Congress, most of them PAN members, rejected the request to analyze the issue for longer, an initiative proposed by local representatives from Morena and the Revolution Democratic Party (PRD).


Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion

Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion

By Ghadeer Ahmed
September 28, 2019

On September 28, 2017, International Safe Abortion Day, I published the first part of the “Abortion Tales” series with Mada Masr. The tales narrate real women’s experiences with unsafe abortion in Egypt, in light of its criminalization in the Egyptian penal code. I began to collect and write stories as a starting point to get more involved with women’s experiences with their bodies. This involvement is not only through writing, but also the emotions, bodily memories and affects resulting from direct encounters with the women who offer to share their accounts in the series. Here, I share the story of my journey.


We Can’t Let the Trump Administration Dismantle Women’s Rights Around the World

We Can’t Let the Trump Administration Dismantle Women’s Rights Around the World
Let’s be clear: Blocking universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights, including safe abortion, is an attack on democracy.

Mar 19, 2019
Anu Kumar

The Trump administration’s latest attempt to derail women’s reproductive health and rights at the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) is nothing short of an assault against human rights and democracy.

CSW is the U.N.’s largest gathering of women’s rights advocates, with the purpose of evaluating how well governments are doing on establishing gender equality and promoting policies to advance women worldwide. Yet the Trump administration has chosen this global meeting to form an international coalition that aims to restrict access to sexual and reproductive health—particularly abortion—and to promote traditional family values.


Irish ban on funding abortion services in developing world to be lifted

Irish ban on funding abortion services in developing world to be lifted
Restrictions on use of aid money to be set aside following abortion reform in Ireland

Mar 3, 2019
Pat Leahy

A ban on the use of Irish government aid money to fund abortion services in developing countries is likely to be set aside as a consequence of the changes to the legalisation on abortion in Ireland.

The Department of Foreign Affairs says it will launch a new initiative on “sexual and reproductive health and rights” in the developing world as part of the work of Irish Aid, the development aid programme of the government.


Ipas: We stand with abortion rights advocates in the United States—and around the world

We stand with abortion rights advocates in the United States—and around the world

Tuesday, October 9, 2018
By Anu Kumar, Ipas President and CEO

Here in the United States, those of us committed to reproductive rights and justice have been fighting an uphill battle for decades—one that got even more intense in 2016 due to the presidential election. Even before the 2016 election, the gains made here have been threatened by constant attacks from the opposition that chip away at abortion access in the states.

But this weekend, we all shared in collective shock, sorrow and rage when the U.S. Senate confirmed President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, despite his track record of ignoring women’s rights and allegations that he had sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.


Radical scale up of medical abortion needed globally urges new IPPF report

Radical scale up of medical abortion needed globally urges new IPPF report

28 September 2018
SAAF volunteer - Uganda

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) today launched a new report on global medical abortion access as an urgent call to action. The Her in Charge report presses governments, health, academic and NGO sectors to take immediate steps to stop women from dying and suffering disabilities due to an unsafe abortion by radically scaling up medical abortion efforts.

Nearly one in every two abortions that occur is unsafe – 25 million women each year are forced to find their own, often dangerous, solutions to an unintended pregnancy. The knowledge, the technology, and the experience to make all abortions safe abortions exist. Yet tens of millions of women each year still lack access to completely safe abortions.


SAFAIDS brings ‘She Decides Southern Africa’ to Namibia

SAFAIDS brings ‘She Decides Southern Africa’ to Namibia

By Southern Times
Aug 20,2018
Lahja Nashuuta

Windhoek - Gender activists from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region launched the She Decides Southern Africa campaign on 13 August in Windhoek.

The campaign, part of a global effort to protect women and girls, was launched along with the 10th edition of the SADC Gender Protocol Barometer ahead of the 38th SADC Ordinary Summit of Heads of State and Government held from 17 to18 August 2018.