Canada – ‘Completely cross the line’: Anti-abortion ads on buses taken down

‘Completely cross the line’: Anti-abortion ads on buses taken down
Controversial anti-abortion ad removed from buses

Chase Banger, CTV Kitchener
Published Thursday, April 4, 2019

A local sexual health centre is condemning anti-abortion advertisements on GRT buses, calling them “wholly inaccurate.”

The advertisements state abortion is linked to suicide, substance abuse, breast cancer, depression and infertility.

They direct people to KW Right to Life, an anti-abortion organization based in Kitchener.


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Abortion-pill inequality: How access varies widely across Canada

Abortion-pill inequality: How access varies widely across Canada
Two years after Canadians got access to Mifegymiso, some regions have seen thousands of prescriptions, but others have had hardly any, according to figures obtained by The Globe and Mail. The numbers point to deeply rooted problems in regional abortion care

Carly Week
October 12, 2018

Women’s health advocates have hailed the abortion pill as the key to eliminating barriers to abortion in Canada because it can be prescribed by a family doctor and taken at home, no matter where a woman lives. Yet, nearly two years after Mifegymiso became available, many women still have to travel to abortion clinics, endure lengthy waits and pay out-of-pocket if they want to use it to end their pregnancies.

Prescribing data provided to The Globe and Mail show large regional disparities in access to the abortion pill, which the World Health Organization says is a safe and effective method of terminating pregnancies in the first nine weeks. In Manitoba, where nearly 4,000 abortions are performed every year, no prescriptions for Mifegymiso have been dispensed from retail pharmacies since it came on the market, according to the data. But in Ontario, which has about 40,000 abortions every year, more than 6,600 prescriptions were dispensed last year and this year, up to August, 2018.


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Canada: Make abortion clinic ‘bubble zones’ larger, advocates tell Ontario’s AG

Make abortion clinic 'bubble zones' larger, advocates tell Ontario's AG

'Protests should take place a safe distance from where patients are seeking healthcare,' letter says

By Kate Bueckert, CBC News
Posted: Aug 02, 2017

A letter calling on the province to keep protesters 150 metres away from abortion clinics and health care providers who provide abortion services has been signed by eight reproductive rights advocacy groups, including one from Kitchener.

Lyndsey Butcher, executive director of the Shore Centre — formerly Planned Parenthood — said new legislation being drafted by Attorney General Yasir Naqvi is based on laws in other provinces, which mandate protesters must stay 50 metres away.

Continued at source: CBC

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