S. Korea doctors protest over tougher abortion restrictions

S. Korea doctors protest over tougher abortion restrictions

29 August 2018

SEOUL (AFP) - South Korea, one of the few industrialised countries where abortion is largely illegal, has introduced tougher regulations on the procedure, prompting nearly 2,000 doctors to refuse to carry out terminations in protest.

Legally, the world's 11th-largest economy only allows abortion in cases of rape -- which must be proved by the woman -- incest and when the mother's health is at risk, in which case the partner's consent is required.

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South Korea – Medical students support lifting abortion ban

Medical students support lifting abortion ban

By Lee Min-ju
Published 2018.06.08

Medical school students in Korea announced that they supported a recent petition to the Constitutional Court to scrap the law banning abortion.

The petition was submitted by an obstetrics and gynecology doctor, who was indicted for performing 69 abortions from November 2013 to July 2015 at the request or with the approval of women.

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South Korea: Time for reality check on abortion

[Feature] Time for reality check on abortion
By Jo He-rim
Dec 3, 2017

It is a cliche in Korean soap operas for the vicious and disapproving mother of the male lead to pressure the female lead to “remove” the baby she’s expecting. She soon disappears, struggles through life as a single mom, and later by chance reunites with the man who, after finding out she didn’t give up the baby despite stigma and obstacles, falls back in love with her.

All of this is as if abortion were a valid option for women in South Korea.

But, under the anti-abortion law introduced in 1953, the termination of pregnancy is only permissible when the mother faces serious health risks or in cases of rape, incest or hereditary disorders. Even in those cases, abortion is prohibited after the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

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