‘Irish history is moving rapidly’: backlash to abortion law fails to emerge

'Irish history is moving rapidly': backlash to abortion law fails to emerge
Besides a fleeting protest in Galway, abortion has become available in 22 of Ireland’s 26 counties with barely a fuss

Rory Carroll, Ireland correspondent
Fri 11 Jan 2019

Ireland voted by a landslide to legalise abortion – but turning that social revolution into medical reality has fallen largely on the shoulders of just 200 GPs.

That is the approximate number, representing 5% of all general practitioners, that have signed up to perform the service which started rolling out on 1 January.

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Ireland – Abortion ultrasounds may be contracted

Abortion ultrasounds may be contracted

Monday, October 15, 2018
By Catherine Shanahan, Health Correspondent

The option of contracting commercial scanning clinics to provide an ultrasound service to women seeking an abortion, under proposed new legislation, is being considered.

However, doctors have queried how they will source the required expertise, given that there is a shortage of sonographers.

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