USA – What to Consider If You Have to Travel for an Abortion

What to Consider If You Have to Travel for an Abortion
It’s a lot to think about. Here’s where to start.

June 21, 2019
By Carolyn L. Todd

Getting an abortion is a safe and legal procedure in this country, but it’s becoming harder and harder to access one. If you’re reading this, you’re probably very aware of the many obstacles that can stand in the way of someone getting an abortion. And those barriers just keep piling up.

At least 378 abortion restrictions were introduced in the first half of 2019 alone, according to the Guttmacher Institute. The intention behind these restrictions is clear: to effectively ban abortion by outlawing the procedures after six weeks of gestation (the time since your last period), which is usually before most people even find out they’re pregnant. Lawmakers in Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, Louisiana, and Missouri voted in favor of such six-week bans. Alabama intends to outlaw abortion unless the life or health of the pregnant person is endangered.


The Best Abortion Ever

The Best Abortion Ever
In my rural California county, it used to be impossible to get an abortion. When I was 41, I needed to have two.

By Sarah Miller
June 19, 2019

In the rural California county where I live, there’s a decent chance of a tree falling over onto my house (this has happened to several friends), an even better one of contracting the measles (we have one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country), and, until very recently, a zero percent chance of getting an abortion.

The year I was 41, I needed two of them. I was no stranger to abortions; I’d had two before, but never in the same year. In fact, 30 percent of the times I had sex in 2011, I got pregnant. So there I was in November, having already aborted 50 percent of that year’s pregnancies, hoping to make it a nice round 100 percent. I just had to decide how.


Malaysia – Let’s talk about… abortion

Let’s talk about… abortion
Abortions shouldn't be taken lightly as it can put the life of the pregnant woman at risk if she is not armed with the right facts to make an informed decision.

June 1, 2018

Abortion is a taboo subject in many parts of the world and Malaysia is no exception. It is a topic that provokes much emotion from both sides of the debate and like all ethical debates, the grey areas are more common than the clear cut, black and white answers. The practical implications of the hesitance to discuss this topic gives way to misinformation. Misinformation in the medical field is akin to walking blindfolded through a jungle. One wrong step can put one in danger.

Here in Malaysia, the social stigma of abortion encourages people to seek help in secrecy. In this environment, predatory opportunists seek to make money off desperate people and when things go wrong, the victims have nobody to turn to.


What can Ireland learn from the UK on abortion?

What can Ireland learn from the UK on abortion?
Of Irish women who receive abortion care in UK, 70 per cent are married or with a partner

May 23, 2018
Dr Patricia Lohr

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has been providing abortion care to women from Ireland since 1968.

There is little difference between the reasons women from Ireland present and the reasons women from the UK present; they are diverse and multifaceted.

They may involve financial hardship, knowing one’s family is complete, inadequate partner or family support, domestic violence or simply a woman feeling she is not in a position to care for a baby at that point in her life.


UK: What happens inside an abortion clinic

Ireland referendum: What happens inside an abortion clinic

By Hannah Moore Newsbeat reporter
22 May 2018

Amy Harris meets hundreds of women a year who are considering ending their pregnancies. The 27-year-old midwife works at a clinic in London run by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which provides mainly NHS-funded abortions.

As the Republic of Ireland prepares to vote on legalising abortion, Amy tells us what the procedure involves - and busts some myths.


Number of Tasmanians travelling interstate for abortions rises fivefold

Number of Tasmanians travelling interstate for abortions rises fivefold
Marie Stopes chief executive says the state needs abortion care funding reform

Calla Wahlquist
Fri 27 Apr 2018

The number of Tasmanians travelling interstate for abortions has increased fivefold since the state’s only dedicated abortion clinic shut in January, Marie Stopes Australia has said.

The chief executive of Marie Stopes, Michelle Thompson, said the number of women from Tasmania who were visiting the Melbourne clinic had increased from about two a month to 10 or 12 a month since the closure of the Hobart clinic, which offered surgical terminations of pregnancies up to 12 weeks.


Australia: Medical abortion access restricted by cost, distance and knowledge

Medical abortion access restricted by cost, distance and knowledge

January 23 2017
by Georgina Connery

Only 35 per cent of Australian women eligible for medical abortion are choosing the procedure over surgery, a new study has found.

Up-front costs, a lack of knowledge and needing to return for a check-up a fortnight afterward were factors University of Sydney and Monash University scientists believe hamper women's choices when it comes to terminations.

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