Zimbabwe – Inside Harare’s ghastly abortion ‘clinics’ …60 000 illegal terminations a year

Inside Harare’s ghastly abortion ‘clinics’ …60 000 illegal terminations a year

26 January 2020
Emmanuel Kafe, Investigations Reporter

Syndicates operating illegal backyard abortion “clinics” are using knitting needles, spoons, dishwashing liquid, dangerous pills and assorted concoctions to terminate pregnancies of young, vulnerable and scared women.

An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so that it does not result in the birth of a baby. Some of these terminations fail, thereby posing serious health risks to those that attempt to abort.

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Zimbabwe – Let’s break the silence on abortion and save lives

Let’s break the silence on abortion and save lives

08 Oct, 2019
Edinah Masiyiwa, Correspondent

The time to discuss unsafe abortions has never been more urgent in Zimbabwe, where nearly all abortions are clandestine and approximately 40 percent of these abortions result in complications such as severe bleeding, infection and even death.

Though the exact figures of women and girls who have died from unsafe abortions is not known, a study showed that abortions are the fifth leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths in Zimbabwe.

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Zimbabwe – ‘Address unsafe abortions to reduce maternal deaths’

‘Address unsafe abortions to reduce maternal deaths’

September 24, 2019

THE emotive issue of unsafe abortions which accounts for a fifth of the over 3 000 maternal deaths that occur every year in Zimbabwe should be tackled urgently by all stakeholders with specific reference to the Termination of Pregnancy Act (TOR), which has repeatedly been said to be restrictive.

Addressing legislators at a meeting convened by the Women Action Group (WAG) yesterday, family health director in the Health ministry, Bernard Madzima said although consensus on the matter will not come easily, it was important for all concerned to come up with solutions that would preserve women’s lives.

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Singapore – Minimum age may force girls to abort foetus overseas or without clinical help

Minimum age may force girls to abort foetus overseas or without clinical help

By Ashton Ng Jing Kai
Published 17 August, 2019

I refer to Voices writer Zhang Jieqiang’s letter, “Set minimum age for women seeking abortion” (Aug 15).

It noted the existence of a minimum age for sex (16 years old), consuming alcohol (18), buying cigarettes (19), and voting or consenting to marry someone (21).

Based on these facts, the writer argued: “Does it not logically follow that there should be a minimum legal age for abortion?”

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Zimbabwe Let’s end unnecessary delays to safe abortions for rape victims

Let’s end unnecessary delays to safe abortions for rape victims

April 18, 2019
Guest Column: Edinah Masiyiwa

RUDO Moyo (not her real name) is a 19-year-old who lives in the Guruve district of Zimbabwe.

Rudo was raped by a relative and two months later, she discovered that she was pregnant as a result of the rape.

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Jamaica – ONLINE POLL RESULTS: 51% says no to legalising abortion

ONLINE POLL RESULTS: 51% says no to legalising abortion

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

KINGSTON, Jamaica — Of the 203 respondents to a recent OBSERVER ONLINE poll, 51 per cent said no to the Jamaican Government legalising abortion.

Government Member of Parliament for West Rural St Andrew, Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, on October 9, opened a debate in the House of Representatives on her motion seeking to have abortion made legal in the island.

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Zimbabwe: Just Bring Abortion Out Of The Darkness

Just Bring Abortion Out Of The Darkness

By Lazarus Sauti
On Jul 19, 2018

When Kuipa (14) from Tafara fell pregnant recently, her mother visited a popular traditional healer in the high density suburb and secretly arranged for an abortion, risking the life of her daughter as well as a five year jail term.

“The Bible says don’t kill, but I think termination was the only wise option. Honestly, my daughter was not ready to be a mother. Sadly, she died,” said Mai Kuipa, who declined to give her real name.

Pregnant teenagers like Kuipa, who are not ready to be mothers, account for almost one in three of the country’s abortion-related maternal death as they opt for termination.

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Zimbabwe – The multi-pronged dilemma of abortion

The multi-pronged dilemma of abortion

By newsday
July 7, 2018

A CROWD gathers around the dumpster and many are busy taking videos of the lifeless body of a new born baby. The horrible sight is made worse by the garbage and filth that surrounds the tiny pink mass covered in blood. Its tiny hands are balled into fists, most probably he/she gave a good fight before the cold got the better of its underdeveloped lungs.

Many are upset with the “monster mother” who just threw away her newborn and walked away as if all was in order.

Baby dumping or foetuses clogging sewer pipe is not new in this country neither have we seen the last of it. This social scourge is an indication of bigger problems of sexual reproductive health (SRH), particularly termination of pregnancy or abortion.

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Zimbabwe – As teenagers die, Zim lawmakers call for abortion reform

As teenagers die, Zim lawmakers call for abortion reform

Wednesday 9 May 2018

BULAWAYO - When her 15-year-old daughter fell pregnant last year, Irene Ndlovu secretly arranged for an abortion before the pregnancy became visible so that she could continue with her education.

Abortions are only allowed in Zimbabwe if a woman's life is in danger, if there is a risk that the child will be "seriously handicapped" or if the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest. Those who break the law can be jailed for five years.

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Zimbabwe: Legalize Abortion: Doctors

Legalize Abortion: Doctors

June 30, 2017
Bridget Mananavire

Zimbabwe Doctors for Human Rights are calling for the total repeal of the country's 1977 Termination of Pregnancy Act, which bans abortion and is responsible for a high rate of unsafe abortion. One-third of maternal deaths are due to unsafe abortion and considerable resources are spent treating post-abortion complications.

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