Antigua & Barbuda – How accessible is the abortion pill?

How accessible is the abortion pill?

Published: March 12, 2020
By Machela Osagboro

“It’s like going to the shop to buy an item,” was how one woman described the ease of getting an abortion pill at pharmacies in Antigua and Barbuda. “I was surprised at how normal it was to get this pill,” said another.

In the midst of the current debate in the country surrounding the controversial and, sometimes, taboo issue of abortion, OBSERVER media decided to mount its own investigation by visiting pharmacies to see to test how easy or difficult it was to get ‘a pill’ to terminate a pregnancy.


Tanzania: Unsafe abortion: The silent killer of young women

Unsafe abortion: The silent killer of young women

Monday June 17 2019
By Salome Gregory

Abortion in Tanzania is illegal. Being the case, it makes it harder for girls and women to get access to safe abortion. But even then, women still find their own ways to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

Have you ever asked yourself, what woman and girls go through when trying to end unwanted pregnancy? A simple survey by Your Health confirms that girls and women go through a lot of pain and suffering that sometimes leads to deaths or permanent reproductive health issues.


Kenya – Abortion hypocrisy kills women

Abortion hypocrisy kills women

Patricia Nudi Orawo
10 May 2019

Opposition to abortion is so intense that even where women have the legal right to terminate their pregnancy, it can be extremely difficult to get the services needed to exercise that right. But, worse than that, opponents of abortion tend to ignore the failures that lead women to the point where they seek one in the first place.

From a moral standpoint, there is a strong case to be made for respecting a woman’s personal freedom and bodily autonomy, rather than forcing her to put her health or wellbeing at risk by carrying an unwanted or unsafe pregnancy to term. Yet, given how rife with misinformation and muddied by misplaced arguments the issue is, policy debates often go nowhere unless they frame abortion as a health matter.


Tanzania – Post-abortion care saves hundreds

Post-abortion care saves hundreds
Post-Abortion Care (PAC) services are saving hundreds of lives of women with pregnancy miscarriages from falling into maternal deaths in Sengerema District, Mwanza Region.

May 3, 2019
The Guardian Reporter

Interviews during a rapid journalists’ survey to uncover the salient features of higher maternal mortality in Mwanza, it was confirmed that many women in the region are using traditional herbs to induce abortion, terminating unintended pregnancies, which leads to unsafe abortions.


Support Networks ‘Invaluable’ for Mexican Women Seeking Illegal Abortions

Support Networks ‘Invaluable’ for Mexican Women Seeking Illegal Abortions
In Mexico, where most states ban abortion completely, women seeking that procedure find support networks on their own.

Marissa Revilla Senior Reporter
May 1, 2019

A note about this series: Global Press Journal reporters around the world examined their communities’ approaches to reproductive health, including values and priorities and how international policies impact them. Read the other stories in this month-long series here.

SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LAS CASAS, MEXICO — Already a mother and just a few weeks pregnant again, Cinthia N., 26, was certain she wanted to get an abortion. She was in a relationship with a violent man, she says, and didn’t want to bring another child into that situation.

But abortion is largely illegal in Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state. Involvement in an abortion, whether as the pregnant woman or as someone assisting, can lead to jail time.


Abortion rates go down when countries make it legal: report

Abortion rates go down when countries make it legal: report
Countries with stricter abortion laws have higher abortion rates

by Maggie Fox

Abortion rates have fallen over the past 25 years, even as more countries have made the procedure legal and easier to get, according to a new report released Tuesday.

Countries with the most restrictive abortion laws also have the highest rates of abortion, the study by the Guttmacher Institute found. Easier access to birth control drives down abortion rates, the report also finds.


16-year-old girl dies from unsafe abortion in Kenya: emergency treatment couldn’t save her

16-year-old girl dies from unsafe abortion in Kenya: emergency treatment couldn’t save her
March 14, 2017
by Safe Abortion

Residents of Nyalenda in Kisumu County are still recovering from a very traumatic incident in which a 16-year-old girl was found by her mother lying in the corridor of her home half dead, vomiting and bleeding profusely from complications of an unsafe abortion.

“Elizabeth” was rushed to the hospital and eventually was able to receive emergency treatment. However, it was too late – her uterus had to be removed because infection had damaged it completely. She later died in the hospital while still undergoing treatment.

This case is just a drop in the ocean of unsafe abortion cases reported in Kisumu County, Kenya.

According to the African Population and Health Research Centre, unsafe abortion remains one of the five leading causes of maternal morbidity and mortality in Kenya, with 464,690 women having unsafe abortions yearly. More than half of them are unsafe, carried out with herbs, coat hangers, spoons, knitting needles and harmful pharmaceuticals. Some 40-45% of all pregnancies in Kenya are unplanned and almost half of them end in an abortion. Of the country’s eight regions, Nyanza – where “Elizabeth” lived and died – recorded the second highest number of abortion cases at 36,842, with Rift Valley leading at 38,687. The majority of those who have unsafe abortions are young and poor and end up with serious complications or die.

The article calls on the Ministry of Health to take decisive action to protect the health, lives, families, and future of Kenyan women and asks the Government of Kenya to lift its reservations on international laws, such as Section 14(2C) of the Maputo Protocol, that champion protection of women’s reproductive health and rights by authorising safe abortion.

SOURCE: Africa Alive Kenya Chapter, by Michael Okun Oliech , 13 March 2017


Source: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion: