Women’s Groups and Funders Respond to Global Gag Rule

Women’s Groups and Funders Respond to Global Gag Rule
Four successful strategies to mitigate the effects of a restrictive funding policy that the Trump administration reinstated.

By Leila Hessini
Apr. 10, 2019

As one of his first acts as president of the United States, Donald Trump reinstated a policy prohibiting organizations from receiving US government aid if they provide services, referrals, and advocacy related to abortion abroad. In late March 2019, the Trump administration expanded this policy to include subcontractors serving groups that provide or discuss abortion.

The United States is the world’s largest donor to global health, and abortion-related services are often integrated into general health care involving HIV, contraceptives, and families. The policy, known as the Mexico City Policy and dubbed the global gag rule by women’s groups to reflect the act’s intentions and impact, was first introduced by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Since then, each Democratic president has rescinded it and each Republican president has reinstated it. Under Trump, the policy covers all $8.8 billion in US global health aid, nearly 15 times the reach of previous iterations.

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Back street abortions on the increase even as debate rages on

Back street abortions on the increase even as debate rages on

By Akello Odenyo
Published Mon, May 28th 2018

Rose Otieno was seated behind her desk at the clinic flipping through a newspaper when a familiar face on the obituary section caught her attention. As she read through the obituary, details of the familiar face became clearer. “The picture on the obituary wasn’t anything close to the face she wore the last time I saw Elizabeth,” recounted Otieno.

Otieno, a healthcare service provider, said Elizabeth (second name withheld to save family members from embarrassment) had walked into her clinic two weeks earlier, explaining that she wanted to terminate her eight-week pregnancy.

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