Abortion vote fails, but debate ignites a nation

Abortion vote fails, but debate ignites a nation
In a year when women’s rights and gender violence once again took centre stage in Argentina, perhaps no other subject divided the nation more than the bill to legalise elective abortion that arrived in Congress this year.

James Grainger
Dec 29, 2018

The landmark piece of legislation – Argentina currently allows abortion only in cases of rape or risks to a woman’s health – motivated both sides, prompting demonstrations, huge crowds and the ubiquitous sight of green (pro) and blue (against) headscarves being affixed to people’s clothes, bags and bodies throughout the year. Politicians were forced to declare their allegiances too, giving voters a rare glimpse of lawmakers’ true colours.

Continued: http://www.batimes.com.ar/news/argentina/abortion-vote-fails-but-debate-ignites-a-nation.phtml

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2018: the fight for abortion rights gets real

2018: the fight for abortion rights gets real
This year we made some historic gains for women's freedom.

Ella Whelan, Columnist
27th December 2018

2018 has been a big year for pro-choice campaigners. Across the world, women (and men) have argued for more liberal abortion laws – and in some cases they won the argument.

First there was Ireland. In May, ‘Yes’ voters won a landslide victory in a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution. The Eighth Amendment enshrined the ‘right to life’ of the unborn, meaning that abortion in the Republic of Ireland was prohibited even in cases of fatal fetal abnormality, rape and incest.

Continued: https://www.spiked-online.com/2018/12/27/2018-the-fight-for-abortion-rights-gets-real/

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Pro-choice groups will try again in 2019 to legalize abortion in Argentina

Pro-choice groups will try again in 2019 to legalize abortion in Argentina

Wednesday, December 26th 2018

Supporters of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVE) bill have announced they will make yet another try in March 2019 to get the Argentine Congress to allow women to legally seek an abortion if they so desire, it was reported.

It will be the eighth such an attempt. This time around promoters of the bill hope to gather a greater consensus following the 2018 experience where the initiative made its way through the House of Representatives but was voted against at the Senate.

Continued: http://en.mercopress.com/2018/12/26/pro-choice-groups-will-try-again-in-2019-to-legalize-abortion-in-argentina

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Asia / India – FII’s Asmita Ghosh Attends ASAP Youth Advocacy Institute For Abortion Rights

FII’s Asmita Ghosh Attends ASAP Youth Advocacy Institute For Abortion Rights

By FII Team -
December 26, 2018

This December, FII Campaign Manager Asmita Ghosh was selected to be a part of the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership’s Youth Advocacy Institute. The Institute was created for activists working in sexual and reproductive health and rights from across Asia to train in abortion rights advocacy. The four-day workshop saw a mix of hands-on activities, group discussions and seminars by experts in the field.

Asia Safe Abortion Partnership (ASAP) is an abortion rights advocacy organization committed to capacity building at the regional level by connecting and boosting the work of abortion rights activists across Asia in the form of workshops, conferences and small grants.

Continued: https://feminisminindia.com/2018/12/26/asap-youth-advocacy-institute-abortion-rights/

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Women on Web: Happy Robotic Telepresent Scientific 2019

Happy Robotic Telepresent Scientific 2019

Dec 20, 2018
Women on Web

Dear friends,

From January 1th 2019, the abortion pill will be legally available through general physicians in Ireland.

The first abortion ship campaign of Women on Waves visited Ireland in 2001 and Women on Web has facilitated safe abortions with pills to women living in Ireland since 2006.

Continued: https://www.womenonwaves.org/en/page/7511/happy-robotic-telepresent-scientific-2019

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FEATURE: Brilliant Letter to Irish Minister of Health Simon Harris

from the Abortion Support Network, London
19 December 2018

6 December 2018

Dear Mr Simon Harris

You and I don’t know each other, although I follow you on Twitter. We share a common area of interest, or, if not interest, a common duty to protect.

I am not a health official or a medical professional. I am the founder of Abortion Support Network (www.asn.org.uk), the England-based charity that provides information on the least expensive methods of abortion and travel and money towards the E500 to E3000 it can cost to travel and pay privately for the procedure. We are a small organisation, without an office or a land line, and since we started in 2009 we have helped almost 5,000 people. The majority have been resident in the Republic of Ireland.

Continued: https://mailchi.mp/safeabortionwomensright/feature-brilliant-letter-to-irish-minister-of-health-simon-harris-from-the-abortion-support-network-london-19-december-2018?e=372dd34034

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‘Sheer Joy’: Ireland Will Have Free Abortion Care on January 1

‘Sheer Joy’: Ireland Will Have Free Abortion Care on January 1

Dec 17, 2018
Sarah Jaffe

Abortion in Ireland will be free, safe, and legal up to 12 weeks into pregnancy starting January 1, a major blow to the Catholic Church and opponents of the country’s abortion rights law, who tried to drag out the legislative process with support from U.S. anti-choice advisers.

To Bríd Smith, People Before Profit member of Irish parliament, the repeal of the Eighth Amendment banning abortion in Ireland was “one of those rare moments in life when you feel such joy, the sheer joy of beating back the Catholic Church’s agenda, really beating it back for once. And pride, because we put a huge amount of effort into it and had witnessed a new generation of young Irish people completely different to what we had known.”

Continued: https://rewire.news/article/2018/12/17/sheer-joy-ireland-will-have-free-abortion-care-on-january-1/

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USA – As access to abortion gets harder in the US, women turn to an online service in the Netherlands

As access to abortion gets harder in the US, women turn to an online service in the Netherlands

December 17, 2018
By Allison Herrera
(also a podcast)

Marie was 19 when a pregnancy test she took in the bathroom at work came out positive. That was a couple of years ago. Marie, a waitress, thought to herself, "I really can't afford to take care of a child."

It was her second pregnancy and the second time she needed an abortion. Marie decided not to go to a clinic this time, though.

Continued: https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-12-17/access-abortion-gets-harder-us-women-turn-online-service-netherlands

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Salvadoran woman accused of trying to abort rapist’s baby freed

Salvadoran woman accused of trying to abort rapist's baby freed
Imelda Cortez was freed after judge acquitted her of lesser charges in a case that tested country's strict abortion ban.

by Anna-Cat Brigida
Dec 17, 2018

A Salvadoran rape survivor accused of attempting to abort her abuser's baby was released on Monday after a judge found her not guilty on reduced charges in a case that tested the country's strict enforcement of a total ban on abortion.

Twenty-year-old Imelda Cortez became pregnant in 2016 after years of being raped by her 70-year-old stepfather. In April 2017, she gave birth to a baby girl in the toilet. At the time, she did not know she was pregnant, Cortez said. When she went to the hospital, a doctor accused her attempting to have an abortion and reported her to authorities.

Continued: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/12/salvadoran-woman-accused-abort-rapists-baby-freed-181217210720217.html

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SOUTH AUSTRALIA- New abortion bill tabled in South Australia: no qualifications, no upper time limits, no abortion-specific regulations at all

SOUTH AUSTRALIA- New abortion bill tabled in South Australia: no qualifications, no upper time limits, no abortion-specific regulations at all

by International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion
Dec 17, 2018

The South Australia Abortion Action Coalition (SAAAC), formed in 2016 to campaign for a change in the law, was at the State Parliament on 5 December to hear Tammy Franks of the Greens introduce a bill to decriminalise abortion along with other campaigners for law reform, whose ages spanned from their 20s to their 80s. Anne Levy, one of the MPs who was a member of parliament when South Australia last reformed its law in 1969, was also there to witness the bill being introduced.

SAAAC report that “The bill is exactly what we wanted…. [Franks’] speech set new horizons for what can be said in Australian parliaments about abortion.” SAAAC are optimistic that decriminalisation in South Australia will make a difference to women’s access to abortion services, as there are specific features in the SA law that, once removed, will enable simple and effective change straight away. Broader change, however, they believe will take ongoing work (e.g. getting GPs and community health care to offer early medical abortion in rural and remote areas).

Continued: http://www.safeabortionwomensright.org/south-australia-new-abortion-bill-tabled-in-south-australia-no-qualifications-no-upper-time-limits-no-abortion-specific-regulations-at-all/

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