Unconscionable: Health workers’ right to refuse abortions vs women’s right to choose


Unconscionable: Health workers' right to refuse abortions vs women's right to choose
When religion trumps science in medicine, women's bodies and Constitutional rights may be caught in the crossfire.

21 Jun 2018
Marion Stevens, Mandi Mudarikwa

South Africa‘s Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act legalises voluntary abortion at different stages of pregnancy. Although viewed as a generally liberal law, the Act has not effectively enabled broad and consistent access for women seeking to terminate their pregnancies.

One of the reasons has been some health providers’ and facilities’ refusal to treat women who need abortion care.

Continued: http://bhekisisa.org/article/2018-06-21-00-unconscionable-a-doctors-right-to-refuse-abortions-versus-a-womens-right-to-choose

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Kenya – Student dies while procuring an abortion at a back street clinic


Student dies while procuring an abortion at a back street clinic

by Munene Kamau
Published Thu, June 21st 2018

A secondary school girl has died during a botched abortion as her mother watched at a back street clinic in Sagana town, Kirinyaga County.

The mother on seeing her daughter who was on a midterm holiday pass on in the hands of the suspected quack fled from the clinic and went into hiding according to the police.

Continued: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001284936/student-dies-while-procuring-an-abortion-at-a-back-street-clinic

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Ireland – Minister wants abortion services in place from next January


Minister wants abortion services in place from next January

Thursday, 21 Jun 2018
By Joe Mag Raollaigh

The Minister for Health has reiterated that he wants to introduce abortion services from January 2019.

Speaking at the AGM of the National Women's Council, Simon Harris said that there are a number of legal challenges to the referendum result and he respects the court must do its work.

Continued: https://www.rte.ie/news/politics/2018/0621/972142-national-womens-council/

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Ireland – Measures to protect from ‘offensive imagery’ to be considered


Measures to protect from ‘offensive imagery’ to be considered
Harris says abortion services will be available irrespective of ability to pay and geography
June 21, 2018
Elaine Edwards

The Department of Health has been asked to consider measures to protect people from offensive imagery outside maternity hospitals and other health facilities in drafting the legislation on abortion.

Minister for Health Simon Harris also said there would be equitable access to abortion services regardless of someone’s ability to pay or geographic location.

Continued: https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ireland/irish-news/measures-to-protect-from-offensive-imagery-to-be-considered-1.3538869

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Ireland – Is it a crime to display graphic abortion imagery in public places?


Is it a crime to display graphic abortion imagery in public places?
Some have argued that gardaí should be telling protesters to remove the imagery.

June 20, 2018

A PROTEST IS being planned today outside the offices of the DPP in relation to the ongoing use of graphic abortion imagery at Irish hospitals and elsewhere.

The imagery has been displayed by a group called the Irish Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (ICBR) and was criticised by both sides during the referendum campaign.

Continued: http://www.thejournal.ie/abortion-imagery-icbr-4079161-Jun2018/

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€1.8m payment for mother who didn’t get abortion after incorrect test result


€1.8m payment for mother who didn't get abortion after incorrect test result

Tim Healy
Jun 20, 2018

TA mother who is a carrier of a rare genetic condition - and who claimed she was deprived of her right to travel for an abortion - has settled the first ever wrongful birth case here for an interim payment of €1.8m.

The woman's child was born with the same disabling condition after a test on the foetus for that condition came back with a normal result.

The case is the first wrongful birth case based upon the right to travel to succeed at the High Court.

Continued: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/newsireland/%E2%82%AC18m-payment-for-mother-who-didnt-get-abortion-after-incorrect-test-result/ar-AAyW181

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Just released: New Ipas toolkit to improve abortion access for refugee women and girls


Just released: New Ipas toolkit to improve abortion access for refugee women and girls

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A new online toolkit that is designed to improve access to contraception and abortion care for the millions of women and girls living in refugee camps and other crisis settings is now available from Ipas.

Release of the toolkit coincides with World Refugee Day. Worldwide, there are more than 135 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Of these, the United Nations Population Fund estimates that

Continued: http://www.ipas.org/en/News/2018/June/Just-released-New-Ipas-toolkit-to-improve-abortion-access-for-refugee-women-and-girls.aspx

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Unconscionable: When Providers Deny Abortion Care


Unconscionable: When Providers Deny Abortion Care

June 19, 2018
Click here to download the report [PDF]

The global women’s movement has fought for many years to affirm safe and legal abortion as a fundamental right, and the global trend has been the liberalization of abortion laws. Progress is not linear, however, and persistent barriers prevent these laws and policies from increasing women’s access to services. One such obstacle is the growing use of conscience claims to justify refusal of abortion care.

Often called “conscientious objection,” a concept historically associated with the right to refuse to take part in the military or in warfare on religious or moral grounds, the term has recently been co-opted by anti-choice movements. Indeed, accommodations for health care providers to refuse to provide care are often deliberately inserted into policies with the aim of negating the hard-fought right to abortion care.

Existing evidence reveals a worrisome and growing global trend of health care providers who are refusing to deliver abortion and other sexual and reproductive health care. This phenomenon violates the ethical principle of “do no harm,” and has grave consequences for women, especially those who are already more vulnerable and marginalized.

Continued: https://iwhc.org/resources/unconscionable-when-providers-deny-abortion-care/

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Ireland – Most heinous sin? Misogynistic legacy of Canon Law and abortion


Most heinous sin? Misogynistic legacy of Canon Law and abortion
Rite&Reason: Women have been targeted for excommunication ahead of abusers, murderers and rapists

June 19, 2018
Gina Menzies

In 2009, a nine-year-old Brazilian child had to have an emergency abortion when her mother brought her to hospital with stomach pains. The doctors discovered the girl was four months pregnant with twins. The little girl had been raped repeatedly by her stepfather.

Following the emergency procedure, the Catholic Archbishop of Olinda and Recife, José Cardoso Sobrinho, stated that automatic excommunication had been incurred by the child’s mother and the medical team who performed the abortion.

Continued: https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/most-heinous-sin-misogynistic-legacy-of-canon-law-and-abortion-1.3534983?__vfz=c_pages%3D3045600016344

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IRELAND – Women deserve a carefully considered abortion provision


Women deserve a carefully considered abortion provision
Monday, June 18, 2018

Prior to legislation, the Government must take time for research and consultation on contraception and abortion services, says Claire McCarthy.

IT is more than three weeks since the referendum on the Eighth Amendment. With a turnout of over 64% and a Yes vote of 67%, voters gave the Government a strong mandate to repeal the Eighth and introduce abortion services in Ireland.

The challenge now is to ensure the services are provided appropriately, safely, and in a manner acceptable both to women and healthcare providers.

On May 31, six days after the vote, a group of doctors met in Cork to discuss these issues. The group was comprised mainly of GPs and obstetricians and gynaecologists based in Cork and Kerry. We all supported a Yes vote in the referendum; we have all experienced the negative effects of the Eighth, and are all relieved to finally see it repealed.

Continued: https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/views/analysis/women-deserve-a-carefully-considered-abortion-provision-849454.html

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