Women Activists Escalate Demand for “Bodily Autonomy” as 19 Nations Dissent

Women Activists Escalate Demand for “Bodily Autonomy” as 19 Nations Dissent

By Thalif Deen
Jan 17, 2020

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) - The United States and 18 other UN member states have come under fire for denying a woman’s legitimate right to “bodily autonomy”—the right to self-governance over one’s own body without coercion or external pressure.

The Executive Director of Women’s March Global, Uma Mishra-Newbery, told IPS the United Nations has worked towards progress in fighting for women’s rights.

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USA – Judges Are Denying Teen Abortions for Their Own Moral Reasons

Judges Are Denying Teen Abortions for Their Own Moral Reasons
In 37 states, an underage person seeking an abortion without their guardians' approval has to go to court, where a judge may refuse their case based on personal belief.

by Julia Ries
Jan 16 2020

According to new research, up to 13 percent of all teens seeking to get legal approval for an abortion without their parent’s involvement or consent are getting denied by judges in Texas, up from a mere 2.8 percent only a few years before. The study published in the American Journal of Public Health on Thursday is the first research to look at how often judges deny teens’ petitions for abortion, and mostly due to the judges’ personal and political opinions and not the actual merits of the cases, like if the procedure is medically recommended.

Thirty-seven states currently require pregnant minors to get the green light from one or both parents before receiving an abortion. It’s estimated that, depending on the state, anywhere from two percent to 23 percent of teens seeking an abortion pursue it via judicial bypass, which dates back to a 1979 U.S. Supreme Court decision which ruled that parents do not have an "absolute veto” over a child’s abortion.

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Greece – Gender equality body backs decision to remove anti-abortion posters from metro

Gender equality body backs decision to remove anti-abortion posters from metro

Jan 14, 2019

Greece’s general secretariat for gender equality said on Tuesday it agreed with a decision by the Infrastructure and Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis to remove anti-abortion posters from metro stations in Athens on Monday.

“Informing the public and public awareness must be based on respect, objectivity and responsibility,” Maria Syrengela said in a statement, adding that women’s legal access to abortion is “unquestionable”.

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Nigeria – Doctor, guardian remanded over abortion for 14-yr-old girl

Doctor, guardian remanded over abortion for 14-yr-old girl

By Ahmed Ali, Kafanchan
Published Date Jan 14, 2020

A chief magistrate court in Kafanchan has remanded a community doctor, Joe Orukwe and one Godwin Ikechukwu in Kafanchan Custodial Centre for alleged criminal conspiracy and causing the death of an unborn child.

Orukwe, who is the owner of a private hospital, Bethel Clinic in Kafanchan was charged for allegedly aborting a pregnancy for a 14-year-old girl. The girl was said to have been defiled and impregnated by her foster father, Ikechukwu, who later took her to Orukwe to procure abortion for her.

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SCOTUS ‘TRAP law’ case and the erosion of abortion rights

SCOTUS 'TRAP law' case and the erosion of abortion rights


Actress Michelle Williams got some traction when she used her Golden Globe acceptance speech to champion abortion rights, saying she was “grateful to have lived at a moment in our society where choice exists.” But the moment she spoke of may be fleeting.

Three days before Willams’s speech, over 200 members of Congress signed onto an amicus brief urging the Supreme Court to reconsider, if not overturn, Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark decision legalizing abortion in the U.S.

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Athens metro advertises anti-abortion campaign

Athens metro advertises anti-abortion campaign

By Sarantis Michalopoulos | EURACTIV network and EURACTIV.com
Jan 13, 2020

An anti-abortion campaign poster displayed in the Athens metro has triggered a strong reaction from the government, which forced the transportation company to immediately remove it.

On Monday (13 January), social media in Greece were flooded with pictures from the subway.

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Malta – Muscat wants national debate on abortion

Muscat wants national debate on abortion
Not clear how he would seek to involve himself in debate

Jan 12, 2019
Ivan Martin

Outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Muscat wants to start a national debate on the possible introduction of abortion after he steps down tomorrow.

Addressing Labour Party supporters for the last time as prime minister on Friday, Dr Muscat told a packed sports hall in Corradino that once he steps down from Castille, he planned on pushing for new civil liberties, which until now were considered taboo, but stopped short of being specific on what these may be.

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USA – Gestational Age Bans: Harmful at Any Stage of Pregnancy

Gestational Age Bans: Harmful at Any Stage of Pregnancy

Megan K. Donovan, Guttmacher Institute
First published online: January 9, 2020


Efforts to ban abortion by gestational age surged in 2019, helping to expose antiabortion lawmakers’ true agenda to eliminate abortion rights entirely.
Using gestational age as a legal cutoff for abortion care is harmful at any point in pregnancy.
States such as Oregon and Vermont are leading the way in enacting laws that prohibit government interference in abortion care throughout pregnancy.

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Germany’s abortion law: made by the Nazis, upheld by today’s right

Germany’s abortion law: made by the Nazis, upheld by today’s right
An old 1930s law that hinders women’s access to information about terminations has survived public protest – and is being exploited by anti-abortion groups

Mithu Sanyal
Wed 8 Jan 2020

It’s like the holocaust only worse, according to babycaust.de, the German website dedicated to abortion, or as they call it: “The mass murder of unborn children.”

Every country has its nutters. The problem with these particular nutters is that their website is your best bet if you need to find a doctor who performs abortions in Germany. It provides a full list of practitioners with the “licence to kill” by town and postcode, decorated with images of hacked-up babies in petri dishes, some of them made into gifs to show the blood still dripping. Whatever for? They obviously don’t want you to go to these doctors. But they do want to make it easier for you to report these “killers” to the police.

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4 Women On What It Was Like Before Abortion Was Decriminalized In Canada

4 Women On What It Was Like Before Abortion Was Decriminalized In Canada
Yes, access has radically improved since 1988—but we can’t be complacent.

by Rachel Chen
Updated Jan 7, 2020

Abortion was decriminalized in Canada in 1988, after pro-choice advocate Dr. Henry Morgentaler successfully challenged the constitutionality of Canada’s abortion law. Three decades later, access to both medical and surgical abortion isn’t perfect—especially for women in rural areas—but it’s radically better than what it once was. Still, as we see threats to Roe v. Wade (the landmark case that gave Americans a right to abortion) growing next door in the United States, it is important to remember how we got where we are.

Here, four women share what it was like to be faced with an unwanted pregnancy prior to 1988—and why we can never go back to such restrictive access.

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