‘Church greatest opposition to family planning in Nigeria’

‘Church greatest opposition to family planning in Nigeria’

On November 22, 2019
By Vincent Ujumadu

ANAMBRA State coordinator of family planning, Mrs Stella Ekweozor has accused the church of posing the greatest challenge towards achieving the goals of family planning in the country.

In an interview with Saturday Vanguard in Awka, Ekweozor said the resultant effect is that many women embark on unsafe abortion at the risk of their lives.

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USA – Hospitals Kill and Injure Women in the Name of ‘Pro-Life’ Ethics

Hospitals Kill and Injure Women in the Name of 'Pro-Life' Ethics

Thursday November 21, 2019

The woman arrived at a Texas hospital so ill she couldn’t walk. Her last pregnancy caused heart failure, and the new pregnancy put her at immediate risk of cardiac arrest, according to a Rewire interview with Dr. Ghazaleh Moayedi, the physician who cared for the woman. But hospital administrators refused to give the woman an abortion. She wouldn’t die right then, they reasoned, so she wasn’t really “dead enough” to justify life-saving care. The woman had no insurance and no other realistic options for life-saving care. She left the hospital and Dr. Moayedi never learned what happened to her.

Her story is not an outlier. Women across the nation who need life-saving abortion care or miscarriage treatment may not receive it. And thanks to “conscience laws,” they might not even know they need the care.

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Argentina – Alberto Fernández vows to send bill to decriminalise abortion to Congress

Alberto Fernández vows to send bill to decriminalise abortion to Congress
Though the exact timeline remains unclear, the president-elect says decriminalisation will be a legislative priority early in his term.

Nov 18, 2019

President-elect Alberto Fernández announced Sunday he will send a proposal to decriminalise abortion to Congress ‘as soon as possible’ once he becomes president. “I would like that the debate is not one between progressives and conservatives, revolutionaries and traditionalists. It’s a problem of public health that we should resolve,” he said.

Asked in an interview with the local Pagina 12 daily if Argentina could expect to see the proposed legislation’s arrival in Congress before the end of the year, Fernández said he intends to do it ‘as soon as possible,’ pointing out timing doesn't depend only on him. Though he did say he is an “advocate for putting an end to the criminalisation of abortion.”

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Kenya – Why a section of the clergy and politicians are uneasy with Nairobi conference on population

Why a section of the clergy and politicians are uneasy with Nairobi conference on population

Japheth Ogila
11th Nov 2019

Kenya will be hosting the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) summit tomorrow in Nairobi amidst unease and anxiety from a section of political and religious leaders.

According to the National Council for Population Development, the country landed the opportunity to host the conference after she met the requirements and was viewed as an active member.

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Malaysia – Address root causes of baby dumping

Address root causes of baby dumping

Published on: Sunday, November 03, 2019

IN Malaysia, where baby dumping occurs once every three days, the government seems set on addressing the crisis.

From 2010 to May 2019, 1,010 cases of baby dumping have been recorded. Out of those, 64pc of the babies were found dead, and the majority of the others died shortly after they were rescued.

Recently, a cleaner found a newborn girl in a plastic bag while she was sorting rubbish. The baby’s umbilical cord was still attached to her belly button, there was no heartbeat, she was cold.

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USA – The erosion of abortion availability

The erosion of abortion availability

By Bridget Kelly, opinion contributor

The U.S. Supreme Court has not overturned its 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, but lower courts and statehouses are threatening to turn the clock back nearly 50 years on abortion rights. The fate of Missouri’s only remaining abortion provider, a Planned Parenthood clinic in St. Louis, hangs by a thread, awaiting the outcome of a recent arbitration hearing. If it is forced stop performing abortions, Missouri will become the first state without an abortion provider since Roe recognized the right to abortion in America.

The State of Missouri refused to renew the clinic’s license to perform abortions, citing safety concerns. Planned Parenthood disputes that rationale, testifying that abortion is one of the safest medical procedures. Abortions performed in the U.S. have few complications. Among women in the U.S. who have had them, fewer than 1 death in 100,000 can be attributed to the practice. An injection of penicillin is more likely to cause death than an abortion.

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Northern Irish GPs face ‘legal uncertainty’ as abortion decriminalised

Northern Irish GPs face ‘legal uncertainty’ as abortion decriminalised
Doctor says abortion services not deregulated and abortions up to 28 weeks not allowed

Oct 22, 2019
Freya McClements, Gerry Moriarty

Doctors in Northern Ireland must be given clarification about the rules now governing abortion laws following the decriminalisation of abortion this week, professional bodies representing GPs and midwives have warned.

GPs continue “to face uncertainty about where they stand legally”, warned Dr Gráinne Doran, the chairwoman of the Royal College of General Practitioners Northern Ireland.

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Andorra’s abortion rights revolution

Andorra’s abortion rights revolution
Push to legalize abortion could tip country into constitutional crisis, opponents say.

By Meg Bernhard

ENCAMP, Andorra — There were no demonstrations in Andorra, until feminist campaigners took to the streets.

For decades, the mountaintop microstate was synonymous with winter sports and tax-free shopping — not political protests. Wedged between Spain and France, the independent principality, one of the world’s smallest countries, has largely been spared the mass social movements that have rocked its neighbors.

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‘The doctors in Northern Ireland knew my baby would die. But I was refused an abortion’

‘The doctors in Northern Ireland knew my baby would die. But I was refused an abortion’
One grieving woman tells of the suffering the current ban caused her

Susan McKay
Sun 6 Oct 2019

Denise Phelan was denied an abortion three years ago in circumstances so extreme she still finds it harrowing to speak about it, and does so only because she is determined that no other woman should be forced to go through a similar experience.

“My anger wakes me up at night. It’s a deep, almost in-the-bone anger,” she says. She and her husband, Richard Gosnold, are also still grieving for the loss of their baby, Alenja. Their trauma has been prolonged and they feel it is too late now to try for another pregnancy.

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Latin America’s New Anti-Abortion Battle Line: Fetus Adoption Over Abortion

Latin America's New Anti-Abortion Battle Line: Fetus Adoption Over Abortion
These innovative but controversial initiatives could serve as a model for abortion battles elsewhere.

By Deborah Bonello
Sept 29 2019

There is no word in Spanish for miscarriage. The term aborto espontaneo, which translates to spontaneous abortion, is the language used when pregnancy in Latin America ends suddenly. But as popular opinion in the region — home to some of the world’s most draconian legislation against abortion — slowly moves away from rigid opposition, anti-abortion actors are changing their language and tactics to fight back.

For decades, anti-abortion campaigns in Latin America have been built around principles outlined in the Bible, and values of morality and decency, says Fernanda Doz Costa, Amnesty International’s deputy director for the Americas. Now, a new generation of activists opposed to abortion has adopted a rights-based approach arguing in favor of both the mother’s and the child’s rights, or that abortion can be avoided in many cases without the mother having to raise the child.

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