“It was a bad experience” – Emeka Nwankwo explores the struggle to get a safe abortion in Nigeria

“It was a bad experience” – Emeka Nwankwo explores the struggle to get a safe abortion in Nigeria

September 12, 2018
by Mazi Emeka

Editor’s Note:

When Emeka Nwankwo approached us with his investigation into abortions in Lagos, he expressed some worry that as a male journalist, there would be glaring realities he would miss in his coverage of how abortion laws in Nigeria affect the country’s most disenfranchised. But it was a reality that needed to be explored, and the sobering conclusions we reach in the end of our investigation is worth the leap of faith. We hope it gives every reader a little more nuance on an incredibly complex subject.


Pain is a raging flame that consumes the entire body. It spreads, like fireworks, from the point of origin to every other place. And if you are a young woman, with no one to hold your hands as you lie on a gurney in an illegal clinic somewhere in Oshodi, legs spread apart and knees bent, handled by a female doctor, probing within you via your genitals, then the pain is as physical as it is emotional.

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First Study on the Incidence of Abortion Among Ugandan Adolescents Released

First Study on the Incidence of Abortion Among Ugandan Adolescents Released
Research Sheds Light on Abortion and Postabortion Care Experiences

Sept 11, 2018

A new study by researchers at the U.S.-based Guttmacher Institute and Uganda’s Makerere University documents, for the first time, abortion rates and the severity of abortion-related complications among Ugandan adolescents aged 15–19. The study, published in Contraception, found that an estimated 57,000 abortions took place among Ugandan adolescents in 2013. The researchers also found that adolescents seeking postabortion care for complications resulting from an unsafe abortion or miscarriage did not face greater disadvantages in their abortion care experiences, compared with women older than 20. However, among those seeking postabortion care, unmarried women, including unmarried adolescents, were more likely than married women to experience severe complications.

Continued: https://www.guttmacher.org/news-release/2018/first-study-incidence-abortion-among-ugandan-adolescents-released

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Argentinians formally leave Catholic church over stance on abortion

Argentinians formally leave Catholic church over stance on abortion
More than 3,700 people submit apostasy requests in protest against anti-abortion campaign

Uki Goñi in Buenos Aires
Sun 9 Sep 2018

Thousands of Argentinians – most of them women – have started formal proceedings to abandon the Catholic church, in protest of the church’s campaign against efforts to legalise abortion in the country.

In the month since the country's senate voted to maintain a ban on almost all abortions, more than 3,700 people have submitted apostasy applications to the Argentinian synod, according to César Rosenstein, a lawyer and founding member of the Argentinian Coalition for a Lay State.

Continued: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/sep/09/argentina-catholic-church-legalize-abortion-apostacy

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Nigeria’s booming abortion black market

Nigeria’s booming abortion black market

By Paul Adepoju
on September 9, 2018

Although they are officially sold in Nigeria for the prevention and treatment of post-delivery bleeding, abortion drugs are increasingly getting popular and their potential implications are far-reaching, pitching the country’s hard stance on abortion against the stark reality doctors and healthcare providers daily contend with at their clinics.

On healthnews.africa, the most popular story was published on February 14, 2018 and it’s on how Nigerians are taking to social media in search of information on abortion. Between then and now, the piece has been read over 8,000 times and it is now being read at least 100 times daily.

Continued: https://www.healthnews.ng/nigerias-booming-abortion-black-market/

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The staggering cost of treating unsafe abortions in Kenya

The staggering cost of treating unsafe abortions in Kenya

Posted By: bethnyaga
September 4, 2018

Policy makers in the country are being confronted by the harsh reality of the staggering cost of treating unsafe abortions in Kenya.

According to a research by the Ministry of Health which was published in February 2018, the treatment of unsafe abortion complications cost the public health system a total of Ksh 432.7 million approximately 5.1 million US Dollars in health personnel salaries and medical supplies.

Continued: http://www.kbc.co.ke/the-staggering-cost-of-treating-unsafe-abortions-in-kenya/

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Nigeria – This couple does not want the baby, but the law prohibits abortion

This couple does not want the baby, but the law prohibits abortion
Elective abortion remains illegal in Nigeria. While the law is clear, clinical practice pitches healthcare providers as the enemy. This is one of such cases.

By Dr. Victoria Adepoju
on September 4, 2018

"I’m so scared, how is it going to be. Am I going to bleed? The pharmacist said it will involve bleeding. That’s why he sent me here. I don’t know what to do."

AT is a 19-year old female who is pregnant with a 6-month old baby. She was referred to a private hospital by a pharmacist when she went to ask for abortion pills. That same morning, she bought a pregnancy test strip over the counter with which she confirmed she was pregnant. She became suspicious following a brief illness with symptoms that she assumed mimicked those of pregnancy.

Continued: https://www.healthnews.ng/this-couple-does-not-want-the-baby-but-the-law-prohibits-abortion/

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Abortion in Latin America: Four women’s voices

Abortion in Latin America: Four women's voices

04 Sep 2018

MONTEVIDEO: To legalise or not to legalise, that is the question on the lips of many legislators in Latin America since Argentina opted not to decriminalize abortion following a senate vote.

It did at least open the way for greater debate on a subject viewed so differently across the region in which abortion is entirely legal in Cuba and Uruguay, but where women can even be jailed for a miscarriage in El Salvador.

Continued: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/world/abortion-in-latin-america-four-women-s-voices-10682762

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Kenya – 5 Things you need to know about backstreet abortions – Number 3 will shock you!

5 Things you need to know about backstreet abortions – Number 3 will shock you!

By Kagweni Micheni -
September 3, 2018

According to the World Health Organization, Unsafe abortions are one of the four main causes of maternal mortality and morbidity in the world.

An estimated 22 million abortions continue to be performed unsafely each year worldwide, resulting in the death of an estimated 47,000 women and disabilities for an additional 5 million women annually. Most of these unsafe abortion occur in developing countries where abortion is legally highly restricted.

Continued: https://mpasho.co.ke/5-things-need-know-backstreet-abortions-number-3-will-shock/

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Nigeria – Stakeholders Charge Parents On Adolescents’ Sexuality Education

Stakeholders Charge Parents On Adolescents’ Sexuality Education

By Ijeoma Ukazu
On Aug 28, 2018

Stakeholders working with adolescents in Lagos State has charged parents to initiate early sexuality education for youths as well as adolescents in order to reduce deaths from unplanned pregnancy and unsafe abortions.

Speaking to journalists at an event in Lagos, the Executive Director, Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF), Mr Iwalola Jimoh, stated in his presentation; “Creating Safe Spaces For Adolescents and Youths in Nigeria (Life skills for Adolescents and Youths,” that creating safe spaces for children and adolescents involves taking responsibility for children safety, building a continuous empo

Continued: https://thewhistler.ng/story/stakeholders-charge-parents-on-adolescents-sexuality-education/

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Malawi Government asked to reform abortion law

Malawi Government asked to reform abortion law

By Martha Chikoti
on Aug 28, 2018

Different stakeholders came together on Saturday to push government to ensure that the Termination of Pregnancy Bill is tabled in Parliament in order to change abortion laws in Malawi.

Participants at a capacity building training workshop on reporting abortion in Lilongwe said the law has to be reformed in order to give power to health workers to terminate pregnancies in accordance to the law without facing challenges.

Continued: https://malawi24.com/2018/08/28/malawi-government-asked-to-reform-abortion-law/

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