USA – Being Denied an Abortion Changes a Woman’s Physical Health in These Ways

Being Denied an Abortion Changes a Woman's Physical Health in These Ways
"Our study indicates that having an abortion is not detrimental to women's physical health."

By Sarah Sloat
June 10, 2019

In the early 1990s, the the pro-life movement introduced a new strategy, and what became known as the “woman-protective antiabortion argument” emerged, centering on the claim that abortions hurt women. Until that point, the pro-life argument was largely fetal-focused; internally, pro-life advocates debated whether that messaging was the most effective for their cause.

A new study of patients at 30 U.S. abortion facilities, released on Monday, shows that in many cases, the opposite of that woman-focused strategy is true: Being denied an abortion actually results in a woman’s poorer physical health.