USA – The Title X ‘Gag Rule’ Plays Politics By Attacking Women’s Health

The Title X 'Gag Rule' Plays Politics By Attacking Women's Health

March 01, 2019
Julie Wittes Schlack

For years organizations have been prohibited from using federal funds to pay for abortions, but a new rule issued by the Department of Health and Human Services now goes one step further, mandating that clinics providing abortion referrals to patients will be ineligible for federal Title X funds.

While health care professionals will still be able to talk to patients about abortion, they will not be allowed to tell them where they can actually have the procedure. As the Guttmacher Institute explains, “The rule eliminates the Title X program’s long-standing guarantee that all pregnant patients receive neutral, factual and nondirective information on all their pregnancy options (including parenting, adoption and abortion).”