Why We Need To Get Rid Of Abortion Stigma

Why We Need To Get Rid Of Abortion Stigma | #AbortionMeraHaq

By Asia Safe Abortion Partnership -
May 9, 2019
Posted by Yashoda Dhakal

Early one morning I got a call from my childhood friend. It surprised me. She said, “Yashu, I need your help, it’s something serious and personal.” Finally, I came to know that, one of my friend’s closest friends had an unintended pregnancy and wanted to abort it. Sadly, due to some social restrictions and fear of exposure, she didn’t dare to seek out safe abortion service providers. So they wanted to know about medical abortion from me, expecting that I had dealt with similar cases. The irony was that they themselves were medical students!

Abortion stigma
Abortion is so highly stigmatised in our society that it seems the stigma is itself ‘communicable’ – in the sense that if anyone knew that a girl had an abortion, that person will be stigmatised as well.

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