Nigeria – Women should not die of pregnancy-related diseases: Prevention (1)

Women should not die of pregnancy-related diseases: Prevention (1)

Posted By: Dr Joel Akande
On: November 23, 2018

In reading this article, kindly project a picture as if every woman is your daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt or friend. By so doing, you place yourself in the position of victims or relatives of victims of the issue that we are going to discuss in this article: maternal mortality. The matter of women dying of pregnancy-related diseases should not happen and all efforts by all stakeholders (government at all levels, women themselves, families, nurses, physicians and the nation in general) should be geared toward the prevention of maternal (and child) deaths.

Every year in Nigeria, several thousands of women die of diseases related to pregnancy. Specifically, as at 2015 which is when the latest figures were made available, about 814 of women for every 100,000 of live births die in Nigeria every year. Nigeria is in the top tier where women and children die most in the world. This figure only relates to live births and does not include deaths of women that occur because of abortion whereby the expelled fetus was not alive at the time of the abortion.