Abortion Bans Will Kill Diabetic People

Already hit with crushing insulin prices and health issues, diabetics say the end of Roe v. Wade scares the hell out of them—for good reason.

By Zoe Witt
July 28, 2022

Diabetics in America are accustomed to indifference and discrimination. Before insulin was first synthesized a hundred years ago, we were condemned to “starvation diets” and an excruciating death. For too many this is still reality. When gestures towards caring are made, coverage coalesces around white, wealthy, thin, type 1 diabetic celebrities, usually for wearing medical devices that are unaffordable to most. Democrats use us to campaign, while making deals that benefit pharmaceutical companies behind closed doors. The major diabetes nonprofits take donations from the same insulin manufacturers price gouging us. As many as 40 percent of Americans who died from covid had diabetes, and diabetics were 48 times as likely as non-diabetics to have become unhoused during the pandemic. Many erroneously assume diabetics of all types “did this to ourselves.”

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