Abortion rights are under attack in the United States, should we in Canada be worried?

While legal abortion is not threatened in Canada, anti-abortion groups never stopped organizing. If there is an attempt to seriously challenge abortion rights in Canada, will we be ready to fight back.

by Judy Rebick
January 28, 2022

January 28 marks the 34th anniversary of legal abortion in Canada. On that date, the Supreme Court struck down the 1969 abortion law and declared abortion a legal medical procedure like any other. Known as the Morgentaler decision, after the heroic doctor Henry Morgentaler who opened illegal abortion clinics in Quebec in the 1970s and Ontario in the early 1980s, successfully challenging the law.

On January 22, 1973, the famed
Roe v. Wade case in the Supreme Court of the United States effectively
legalized abortion. After refusing to strike down a restrictive Texas law
allowing citizens to sue anyone seeking, counselling or providing an abortion,
the majority conservative U.S. court will soon decide whether a Mississippi law
banning abortion after 15 weeks, will be upheld. Roe v. Wade will, in effect,
be struck down with devastating impacts on women across the country; at least
12 states, including Texas and Mississippi, will trigger laws that
automatically ban abortion and other Republican-led states will no doubt

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