Angry Annie’ Review: A Stirring French Abortion Drama Driven By a Spirit of Feminist Solidarity

Blandine Lenoir's engrossing period drama stars the terrific Laure Calamy as a working mother joining an underground abortion network.

By Guy Lodge

Aug 12,

The fashions, fabrics and eye-crossingly patterned wallpapers of the 1970s
abound in “Angry Annie,” a French period piece practically painted in avocado
green and Le Creuset orange, with hand-crocheted accessories for good measure.
Would that the rest of Blandine Lenoir’s rousing abortion drama felt quite so
dated. Instead, in a year where the overturning of Roe v. Wade signifies a
major step back in the collective fight for women’s reproductive rights, this
story of women banding together to assert their bodily autonomy in an age of
sexual revolution feels all too timely: not merely a compelling reminder of how
things were, but a warning of how they could yet be.