Dozens of clinics have dropped abortion services since Roe v. Wade was overturned

Abortion providers are worried that closures in states where the procedure isn’t legal will impact wait times at their clinics.

Shefali Luthra, Health Reporter
July 28, 2022

In the month since Roe v. Wade was overturned, 43 abortion clinics in 11 states have stopped offering abortions.

Data from the Guttmacher Institute shows that in the seven states that are enforcing total abortion bans — Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Texas — there are no longer any clinics providing abortions. Some of the clinics have stayed open and continued to provide other services, while others have closed altogether. Texas accounts for more than half of all the abortion clinics lost in the past month: Prior to Roe’s reversal, it had 23 abortion-providing clinics. Alabama and Oklahoma previously had five abortion clinics each. Arkansas had two clinics, and the other three had one each.