How Japanese doctors who do abortions see the introduction of medical abortion pills in Japan

by Kumi Tsukahara, for International Campaign for Safe Abortion newsletter
12-13 January 2022

The situation of abortion in Japan is really not well known to the rest of the world, hidden as it is behind the wall of language, and conversely, most Japanese doctors don't know about the situation of abortion provision overseas. As was reported in the ICWRSA newsletter on 9 January 2022, Linepharma has applied for approval of combined mife-miso medical abortion pills.

In response to this, the Japan Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology (JAOG) released a comment: "For the time being, prescriptions [of these pills] should be made only by doctors who are qualified to perform abortions at medical institutions where hospitalization is possible.” The president of JAOG said: "Doctors should not only prescribe the medications, but also perform subsequent management such as surgical operations in case of failure to expel the uterine contents, so a reasonable management fee is necessary.” He also said that it would be desirable to set the fee for the prescription of the pills at the same level as that for surgical abortion (D&C in Japan), which costs about 100,000 yen (= ± US$ 876).