Poland: Authorities must protect peaceful protests against abortion restrictions

29 October 2020
Amnesty International

People protesting peacefully against the new restrictions on abortion in Poland have faced excessive use of force by police officers, and have been arbitrarily detained without access to lawyers in the last few days. Ahead of large protests expected tomorrow, Draginja Nadazdin, Director of Amnesty International Poland, said:

“The massive wave of support for women in Poland is a sign that the government and the authorities cannot simply continue to violate women’s rights without opposition. Women in Poland are living under one of the strictest regimes in Europe in terms of access to abortion. Their right to protest against these restrictions must be upheld. The police must facilitate those wishing to protest peacefully in support of women, including by safeguarding protesters against harassment and violent attacks by counter-demonstrators.”

Continued: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/10/poland-authorities-must-protect-peaceful-protests-against-abortion-restrictions/