‘You never forget it’: These are the stories of life before Roe v. Wade transformed America

The landmark Supreme Court decision — which turns 49 on Saturday — made legal abortion a protected right. With the court poised to overturn that ruling, The 19th spoke to people involved in all aspects of the abortion rights battle to understand its impact.

Shefali Luthra for The 19th
January 20, 2022

Saturday marks the 49th anniversary of the supreme court’s Roe v Wade decision, the landmark ruling that guaranteed the right to an abortion in the US. It could be the last anniversary before it is overturned.

During oral arguments for Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization last year, a majority of the court appeared ready to severely weaken or overturn Roe v Wade, allowing dozens of Republican-led states to acutely restrict access, or ban abortion entirely. A decision is expected this summer.

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