10 Women on Getting an Abortion in the End Days of Roe “It felt like an insult.”

As told to Alice Markham-Cantor and Megan Paetzhold
The Cut
May 26, 2022

New York Magazine’s current issue gives abortion seekers the information they need to get care, including a directory of professional providers and other support services. Here, ten people who recently had abortions in states across the country tell the story of what it took to get one. Some managed to walk into a clinic and get the abortion pill; others endured mandatory sonograms and waiting periods up to several days; still others stood in line for hours in the face of anti-abortion protesters just for a consultation. A few connected with abortion funds to defray the costs of the procedure and the complicated logistics involved in getting it, but most didn’t, feeling that other patients were more in need — no matter how hard it was for them to pay out of pocket.