Emma Watson on the global fight for reproductive justice

Emma Watson on the global fight for reproductive justice

Incredible Women
29 Sep '18

Emma Watson Writes A Letter To Savita Halappanavar

Although she made her name as an actor, Emma Watson has also been making a sizeable impact this year as an activist and agent of change, building on her record as an outspoken feminist who famously launched the ‘HeForShe’ campaign at the UN in 2014.

An advocate on issues ranging from violence against women to sustainability, she guest-edited the first-ever issue of Vogue (Australia) completely dedicated to sustainability, and catalyzed the UK Time’s Up network and the Justice and Equality Fund.

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USA – A Pivotal Election for Abortion Rights

A Pivotal Election for Abortion Rights
It's the "Year of the Woman." So why is this issue being overlooked ahead of the midterms?

By Emily Atkin
September 28, 2018

Before Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh faced multiple allegations of sexual assault, his views on abortion were seen as the biggest threat to his confirmation. Democrats and many legal analysts argued that his past rulings, writings, and statements on the subject made it clear: If Kavanaugh were to secure a seat on the nation’s highest court, he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that made abortion legal nationwide.

Abortion was always going to be an issue in the 2018 midterms, as it is in every election. But it will be especially so if the Senate votes on Kavanaugh before November 6. If that vote fails, the right will use it to mobilize anti-abortion voters to protect the Republicans’ slim majority in the Senate, which likely would ensure that an equally conservative judge was confirmed to the Supreme Court. If the vote succeeds, the left will use Kavanaugh’s confirmation to do the opposite, encouraging pro-choice voters to elect Democrats who will fight to preserve abortion access in the face of a conservative court.

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Ireland – Funding threat to agencies that withhold abortion advice

Funding threat to agencies that withhold abortion advice

Ellen Coyne, Senior Ireland Reporter
September 28 2018

Catholic crisis pregnancy agencies that refuse to give information on abortion are at risk of losing state funding, the health minister has said.

Simon Harris’s statement marks the first time that the government has threatened to withhold HSE funding from agencies that choose to not to provide advice on abortion for moral or religious reasons.

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Andorra, one of Europe’s last abortion holdouts

Andorra, one of Europe's last abortion holdouts

28 September 2018

Andorra is best known as a ski destination and tax haven -- but it's the tiny principality's status as one of Europe's last countries with an abortion ban that activists want to highlight on International Safe Abortion Day.

Even in cases of rape or when their lives are in danger, women in the country of 85,500 people nestled in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, have no right to an abortion.

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Access to legal abortion services needed, to prevent 47,000 women dying each year – UN rights experts

Access to legal abortion services needed, to prevent 47,000 women dying each year - UN rights experts

28 September 2018

States across the world should act now to decriminalise abortion and make every effort to ensure women and girls have the right to make their own decisions about pregnancy, said a group of United Nations human rights experts on Friday, in a statement marking International Safe Abortion Day.

“Unsafe abortions cause the deaths of some 47,000 women each year and a further five million suffer some form of temporary or permanent disability,” said the UN Human Rights Council Working group, on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice.

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South Africa: #sliceoflife – ‘I Opened Her Up and Found Her Womb Was Rotten From the Infection’

South Africa: #sliceoflife - 'I Opened Her Up and Found Her Womb Was Rotten From the Infection'

28 September 2018
By Laura Lopez Gonzalez

Obstetrician Eddie Mhlanga often had to attend to women who had unsafe abortions during apartheid, when abortion was illegal in South Africa.

I had a colleague who went and obtained an illegal abortion. I was the one who admitted her [after the procedure went wrong]. I promised her at 12 midday on a Thursday that I would see her at 2 o'clock in theatre. That was the last time I spoke to her because, at half-past one, she collapsed. She had been bleeding heavily and been in a lot of pain. When they called me to come to the theatre, she was already under anaesthetic.

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India – 5,400 abortions in Chandigarh in 1 year; doctors stress on supervision

5,400 abortions in Chandigarh in 1 year; doctors stress on supervision
What worries doctors is that majority of women seeking abortion reach late and there are complications.

Sep 28, 2018
Tanbir Dhaliwal
Hindustan Times, Chandigarh

On International Safe Abortion Day, gynaecologists in Chandigarh talk about the risks involved and complications in aborting a foetus.

Abortion is the third leading cause of maternal mortality, says GMSH-16 gynaecologist. The figures show that a total of 5,414 abortions were performed in city in 2017-18.

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March demanding abortion legislation planned in Dublin

March demanding abortion legislation planned in Dublin
Event to act as ‘reminder’ to Government that ‘nothing on the ground has changed’

Fri, Sep 28, 2018
Kitty Holland Social Affairs Correspondent

The degree to which legislation guaranteeing free, safe and legal abortion services is successfully enacted and implemented in coming months, will decide whether a “March for Choice” is needed next year, the Abortion Rights Campaign has said.

Sarah Monaghan, spokeswoman for the campaign, was speaking in advance of Saturday’s march in Dublin – the first since the referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution was passed in May.

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‘Dear reader, put yourself in the position of a child raped and denied an abortion’

‘Dear reader, put yourself in the position of a child raped and denied an abortion’

Esperanza Meraki

28 September 2018

I am a 14-year-old aspiring human rights activist and this is why I believe in women’s and girls' right to safe abortion in cases of rape.

Abortion is a very complicated topic, as there is no black or white; there is an infinite amount of shades of grey in between. Many people across the world are anti-abortion and pro-life. Some believe that abortion is murder and women should not be given that choice, but I believe this is problematic and unfair because there are many cases when a woman should have the right to terminate a fetus.

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New Zealand can’t congratulate itself on International Safe Abortion day

New Zealand can't congratulate itself on International Safe Abortion day


Terry Bellamak for The Spinoff

OPINION: In New Zealand, some people think we have it pretty good when it comes to abortion access. But with abortion still in the Crimes Act and other people getting to decide whether pregnant people can terminate, we really have no reason to feel safe. Abortion Law Reform New Zealand president Terry Bellamak writes.

Today is International Safe Abortion Day. It's a day when we celebrate those places where abortion is safe, legal, and accessible, and mourn those places where pregnant people still have to get abortion medications over the internet, risk their lives sourcing abortions outside the health system, or face unfounded prosecutions when they miscarry spontaneously.

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