Abortion reform battle set to begin – but how will senators vote?

President Alberto Fernández has confirmed that he will send a bill to legalise abortion in Argentina to Congress imminently. Here’s how the numbers shape up ahead in the upper house of an era-defining vote.

Oct 31, 2020

Frustrated in 2018 by defeat in the Senate; postponed at the end of 2019 due to
the general elections; suspended again this year due to the coronavirus
pandemic – the campaign to legalise abortion in Argentina has once again
returned to the government’s agenda, with President Alberto Fernández vowing to
send the bill to Congress before the year is out.

Once again, the numbers in the Senate are the key challenge if the Peronist
leader is to honour his campaign promise to legalise abortion.  In August 2018, the Senate rejected the
abortion bill by a 38-31 vote with two abstentions. The difference this time
around looks to have narrowed since then but doubts persist – the government is
sure to be crunching numbers before taking the final step of sending its bill
to Congress.

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