Australia – Meet Jo Bolger, the abortion doula who helps people through pregnancy terminations

ABC Sunshine Coast / By Edwina Storie
May 31, 2021

Jo Bolger is Australia's first abortion doula — a grandma, a mother of three, and one of those people who brims with warmth.

An abortion doula provides non-medical support, whether it be emotional, physical or informational, through a termination of pregnancy.


USA – Clinics Close, but Abortion Continues

Even as abortion is restricted, telemedicine allows some women to end unwanted pregnancies using legal medications.

By Jane E. Brody
May 31, 2021

Abortion is once again a prominent source of controversy, restrictive legislation and, for many, great distress. A little background may help put this in perspective.

Fifty years ago last fall, after New York State adopted the most lenient abortion law in the country, many out-of-state women with unwanted pregnancies sought help from New York doctors.


Tricked and uninformed: why so many young girls in Kenya are getting pregnant

May 30, 2021
Anthony Idowu Ajayi

The rate of early unintended pregnancy in Kenya is shockingly high. About one in five girls between the ages of 15 and 19 have begun having children. It’s worse in some areas than others. For instance, the rate is as high as two in five in Narok and Homa Bay counties. Most of these pregnancies are unplanned and unintended.

Getting pregnant at such a young age can harm a girl’s health and socioeconomic wellbeing.


The last days of Roe v. Wade?


Pro-choice abortion advocates are warning ominously that the Supreme Court is about to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights decision. The head of the Center for Reproductive Rights said “alarm bells are ringing loudly” with the threat of overturning Roe. Democratic politicians are raising the same alarms.

The Republican-dominated Court agreed to review a Mississippi law that bans any abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Lower federal courts have ruled against the law. If the High Court reverses those decisions and upholds the Mississippi statute, it effectively would allow states to overturn Roe protections.


Malta – ‘Women should not be prosecuted over abortion’ – ADPD

By Jurgen Balzan
May 29, 2021

Decriminalising abortion is the first basic essential step, ADPD leader Carmel Cacopardo said as he insisted that the debate should centre around empathy.

“Decriminalising abortion with respect to women is the first basic essential step which requires urgent action in Malta. It is essential as women who undergo abortion need the protection of the state and not being threatened with prosecution and persecution,” Cacopardo said, criticising the Labour Party and the Nationalist Party for stonewalling the debate.


Biden leaves Hyde Amendment out of budget


President Biden’s sprawling $6 trillion budget unveiled Friday does not include the controversial Hyde Amendment, delivering on a campaign promise to try to scrap the ban on federal funding for abortions.

The decision not to include the Hyde Amendment comes after criticism of Biden on the campaign trail pushed him to backtrack his previous support for the prohibition of federal dollars funding the procedure.


Biden budget drops Hyde Amendment to allow public funding of abortion

May 28, 2021

U.S. President Joe Biden’s proposed 2022 budget omits a ban on federal funding for most abortions that has been part of government spending bills for decades.

The budget, released Friday, makes no mention of the "Hyde Amendment," first passed in 1976, which has been included in federal spending bills since.


Getting an Abortion in Egypt: Silence is the Real Killer

28 MAY 2021

I can still feel how the air left my chest when I saw the second line appear on
the test.

I always thought I would know exactly what I wanted if I ever found out I was
pregnant. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I had always
considered myself well-informed, pro-choice, pragmatic, but when the
hypothetical became reality, I was stunted.


The looming battle over abortion in the US

By Pratiksha Ghildial, BBC News, Ohio
May 27, 2021

Pro-choice activists say that state lawmakers across the country are trying to restrict abortion at a pace not seen in decades. So what will this mean for a decades-long fight over the issue in America?

On a Friday night, Julie gets ready to go out with her partner while her two boys curl up on the sofa to watch a Disney movie with their babysitter.
It is a typical happy family scene, one that Julie probably never envisaged when, aged just 19, she was raped and took the decision to have an abortion.


Abortion doulas help people navigate the process. They say their work was more crucial than ever in the pandemic.

They say their job shifted to help abortion-seekers navigate ever-changing laws

Tracey Onyenacho
May 27, 2021

In April 2020, a month into covid-19 stay-at-home orders, Hannah Taleb, an abortion doula with Tucson Abortion Support Collective (TASC), was driving a client to an abortion clinic in Phoenix in the early hours of the morning. According to TASC, there are only two abortion clinics in Tucson, and only one of the clinics is able to do surgical procedures, leaving appointment slots to fill up quickly.

On the two-hour drive to the abortion clinic, the two women wore masks with the windows rolled down. Her client cried as the heaviness of the moment dawned on her, Taleb said, so she pulled over to the side of the road and comforted the client, offering to talk.