New Zealand: Abortion services are failing vulnerable Kiwi women

Abortion services are failing vulnerable Kiwi women

July 24 2017

Firstly let me say I’m not 17, I wasn’t drunk or high or promiscuous. I don’t have any STIs, I’m in a loving relationship and I desperately want a baby.

However, eight days ago I was one of 11,000 Kiwis this year who will have an abortion.

I know some people reading this will be appalled knowing what I chose to do. That for some people abortion is simply not an acceptable choice. I accept your viewpoint, I was brought up to share it and I apologise that my choice has hurt someone who could have gone on to be a wonderful human being. Or a horrible one, it’s hard to know. But the fact of the matter is, many of you will be of the opinion that I shouldn’t have had the chance to make that choice.

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