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India – Eight Booked For Illegal Sale Of Abortion Kits, Narcotics

Ahmedabad Mirror 

In its crackdown against illegal sale of abortion kits and narcotics, the Food and Drug Control Administration has booked eight persons allegedly involved in the activity.

The FDCA said Ahmedabad resident Pintu Shah was involved in online sale of abortion kits without authorisation. In the last one year, he allegedly sold more than 800 kits online.

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Roe v. Wade is solid constitutional law. The U.S. Supreme Court will overturn it anyway


JUNE 12, 2021

I expect in about a year that the Supreme Court will overrule Roe v. Wade and
end constitutional protection of abortion rights.

On May 17, the Court granted review in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health
Organization, which concerns a Mississippi law that prohibits abortions after
the fifteenth week of pregnancy. In light of the current composition of the
Supreme Court, there are five and maybe six votes to overrule Roe and allow
states to prohibit all or virtually all abortions. The case will be argued in
Fall 2021 and likely decided in June 2022.

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How the Anti-Abortion Movement Used the Progressive Playbook to Chip Away at Roe v. Wade

Mary Ziegler and Robert L. Tsai
Sat, June 12, 2021

The Supreme Court captured its biggest headlines last month not for a decision, but for a case it agreed to review next year: Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The case turns on a 2018 Mississippi law banning abortion at 15 weeks, but its impact will likely reach well beyond one state. To uphold Mississippi’s law—which the Court’s conservative majority is expected to do—the Court will have to undo all or part of Roe v. Wade.

Such a sweeping decision might seem like an opportunistic swipe at abortion rights, a conservative court suddenly reversing 50 years of precedent with a single move. But if the Court does rule that way, the story behind it will be far more complex and important to understand. The attack on Roe has been decades in the making—and its successes owe not just to the strength of the conservative anti-abortion movement, but to the progressive playbook that achieved breakthroughs on civil rights, gay marriage and even abortion.

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State abortion policies have become more extreme — without Roe v. Wade, the divide could widen

If the Supreme Court overturns the 1973 precedent, the legality of abortion will be left to individual states. Many have already made their intentions clear.

By Daniela Santamariña
June 11, 2021

In May, the Supreme Court decided to review a restrictive Mississippi abortion law that provides a clear path to overturn or diminish Roe v. Wade. The justices will hear the case in October and are likely to deliver a decision in the first half of next year.

A few days after the court’s announcement, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill banning abortions the moment a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Together, these laws are the latest in a long line of challenges to abortion rights in the United States.

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New evidence-based learning on abortions in India

This will not only significantly increase the options for women seeking abortion services but also leverage the potential of medical abortion technology.

Published: 10th Jun 2021

New Delhi: Abortion in India continues to face high levels of stigma — this stigma pushes women who seek it away from legal services; curtails free dissemination of information on abortion; and affects the delivery of essential services in the public health system.

Consequently, millions of women prefer not to go to public health facilities for abortion services. It is estimated that 78 per cent of the 15.6 million abortions that take place each year in India occur in non-facility settings, mainly through medical abortion pills.

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Record number of women in England and Wales had abortions in 2020

Increase put down to women being able to seek treatment at home and financial uncertainty

Sarah Marsh
Thu 10 Jun 2021

A record number of women in England and Wales had an abortion last year, with the rise particularly among women aged 30 and over.

A total of 209,917 abortions were reported in 2020, with the numbers rising year on year and up from 207,384 in 2019. The largest increases in abortion rates by age were among women aged 30 to 34 with a rise from 16.5 per 1,000 in 2010 to 21.9 in 2020.

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If You’re Jailed for Having an Abortion, This Fund Will Help With Bail

The Repro Legal Defense Fund is a new initiative that will support people who are investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for self-managed abortions.

Jun 9, 2021

Rafa Kidvai, Rewire

Since 2000, dozens of people have been unjustly accused of a crime for ending
their own pregnancy—that is, self-managing abortion outside of a clinical
setting—or for helping a loved one do so. And those are just the cases we know
of to date.

As lawyers and advocates for reproductive justice who fight attacks on
self-managed abortion, we’ve tracked these unjust investigations, arrests, and
prosecutions across the United States, both in localities where self-managed
abortion is explicitly criminalized and in places where police and prosecutors
have manipulated laws to target people.

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End all legal barriers to abortion, say leading European politicians

Belgium’s prime minister among signatories to open letter backing global right to safe abortions and reopening of clinics closed in pandemic

Liz Ford
Wed 9 Jun 2021

Government ministers from five European countries, including Belgium’s prime minister, Alexander de Croo, are among 29 politicians, healthcare and women’s rights activists who have signed an open letter calling for the removal of all legal barriers to abortion.

The letter, signed by gender and equality ministers from France, Canada and Norway, and international development ministers from Sweden and the Netherlands, states that women’s right to safe, legal abortion is being eroded by misinformation and attacks on services. It calls for the reopening of abortion clinics closed during the pandemic.

Continued: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/jun/09/end-all-legal-barriers-to-abortion-say-leading-european-politicians

COVID-19 impacted access to abortion care all over Europe

Access to abortion care is an important and politically charged topic. It is a human rights issue affecting essential aspects of women’s healthcare. As a global disruptive event, COVID-19 affected abortion access in many European countries.

Jun 9, 2021
University of Oulu

Government policies on abortion are a longstanding topic of heated political debate. The COVID-19 pandemic shook health care systems to the core adding to the complexity of the issue, as the imposed national lockdowns and mobility restrictions affected millions of women’s timely access to abortion care across the globe. Researchers from Finland and France examined how all of the European Union countries and the United Kingdom responded to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 crisis in terms of providing access to abortion care.

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Record-High 47% in U.S. Think Abortion Is Morally Acceptable

June 9, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans are sharply divided in their abortion views, including on its morality, with an equal split between those who believe it is morally acceptable and those who say it is morally wrong. The 47% who say it is acceptable is, by two percentage points, the highest Gallup has recorded in two decades of measurement. Just one point separates them from the 46% who think abortion is wrong from a moral perspective.

Since 2001, the gap between these readings has varied from zero to 20 points. The latest gap, based on a May 3-18 Gallup poll, is slightly smaller than last year's, when 47% thought abortion was morally wrong and 44% said it was morally acceptable. Americans have been typically more inclined to say abortion is morally wrong than morally acceptable, though the gap has narrowed in recent years. The average gap has been five points since 2013 (43% morally acceptable and 48% morally wrong), compared with 11 points between 2001 and 2012 (39% and 50%, respectively).