A Red-State Abortion Ban Nearly Killed His Wife. Now He’s Speaking Out.

Ryan Hamilton had to race his wife to the hospital after she had a miscarriage, fell unconscious, and started bleeding out on their bathroom floor. Here, he explains what happened. As told to Bonnie Fuller.


My wife and I first met online. Neither of us were big fans of online dating but this was at the beginning of COVID, and then we very quickly went on a date in ‘real life.’

I had never really thought about having kids. I had been a touring musician for a long time and my life was so wrapped up in traveling all over the world, that it wasn’t something that I thought for myself.
But the woman who is now my wife brought it up on our first date and after I met her and she raised the idea of it, I just kind of thought, ‘I do want kids.’ It was strange for me but I realized that I really liked this person and could see having kids with them.

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