Abortion Escorts in Ecuador are Breaking the Silence

Abortion Escorts in Ecuador are Breaking the Silence
August 3, 2017
by Kimberley Brown

Abortions are illegal in Ecuador—punishable by prison sentence and highly stigmatized. But this hasn’t stopped women from seeking them out. Instead, they go through the procedure clandestinely, under dubious circumstances and often completely alone. One group is trying to change that.

Las Comadres—which loosely translates as The Godmothers, or “a very close friend”—is a feminist group fighting back against the nation’s restrictive abortion laws. Members accompany women through their abortion procedures and provide them with medical and legal information. Last weekend, they ran their first national workshop walking women through the process.

The two-day abortion accompaniment workshop focused on these legal, medical and psychological issues women may face, and how to be prepared for them.

Continued at source: Ms. Magazine: http://msmagazine.com/blog/2017/08/03/abortion-escorts-ecuador-breaking-silence/