Abortion in Uzbekistan: Legal, Accessible, Declining

Abortion in Uzbekistan has never been politicized as it has been in the West, but terminating a pregnancy is still becoming less common.

By Niginakhon Saida
November 29, 2022

In Uzbekistan, women have always had access to safe abortion. Current legislation allows the termination of a pregnancy within the first 12 weeks and at any stage if the pregnancy threatens the mother’s health or life. The law lists 86 types of various life and health threatening medical indications, including severe types of diabetes, hereditary and degenerative mental disorders, mood disorders, epilepsy, and more. Age is also viewed as a risk factor and girls under 14 are allowed to access abortion.

At the same time, abortion and the delivering of babies have long been among nine types of medical practices that cannot be performed by private medical entities, along with organ transplants, blood donation, providing medical-forensic examinations and other similar medical services. Such services are restricted to the government in part as an effort to prevent the sale of children and the illegal documentation of births and deaths.

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