Abortion news stories ‘criminalise’ women by using images of baby bumps

by Serina Sandhu, iNews
Tuesday December 6th 2016

Women are being “criminalised” in stories about abortions because the media continues to use images of advanced baby bumps to illustrate them, say campaigners. This does not acknowledge that many abortions take place far earlier in the pregnancy or what women are going through, they argue.

The “totally inappropriate” images journalists used in their stories gave the wrong impression of abortion and associated it with murder, said Dr Christian Fiala, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology at the Museum of Contraception and Abortion (MUVS) in Vienna. He is spearheading the museum’s competition to find more appropriate stock imagery for the media to use, in the hope that it will further remove the stigma surrounding abortions.

The aim is to create a free photo collection of images that will illustrate “the critical situation of a woman (or couple) with an unwanted pregnancy in a realistic way”. The museum already provides images of gestational sacs and abortion pills, that are free to use.

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Source: iNews