Alliance of Women to Advocate for Change, sex workers’ group, call for safe abortion in Uganda

by Safe Abortion, Aug 5, 2016

Once upon a time

Late afternoon. A few wisps of clouds shelter the waning sun in the hot, equatorial sky.

The relative quiet of the ward as day shift changes to afternoon shift suddenly turns into a state of urgency.

“Come quickly doctor … there is a woman bleeding.”

She has been bleeding heavily for one day. On the chart it says she had a previous normal pregnancy. She is now 4 months pregnant.

On the stretcher, an impoverished, emaciated 18 year old from the countryside, barely able to respond to her name.

Blood pressure low … pulse rapid.

Between her thighs, a few cloths heavily soiled with blood.

Many clots and obvious grape like clusters of tissue lying on the plastic sheet.

An IV with blood in one arm, an IV with salt water in the other arm.

Quickly she is moved to the evacuation room.

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Source: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion