Anti-Abortion ‘Prayers’ Cause Rumpus in Croatia

06 Oct 16, Balkan Insight
by Sven Milekic

A row has broken out about abortion rights after a Catholic initiative in Croatia, "40 Days for Life", started its annual campaign of public prayers in front of hospitals, campaigning against abortion and for the life of unborn children.

The controversy began after the group's branch in the eastern town of Vukovar said on Facebook on Tuesday that a woman was coming to Vukovar hospital from a nearby village to have an abortion - and the group should assemble there for a prayer vigil.

“The arrival of a pregnant woman from a nearby town to [have an] abortion in the Vukovar hospital is announced. We urge all prayers to join us in large numbers tomorrow in front of Vukovar hospital, as we greet her like a princess and show how valuable she is and how we are willing to do anything to help her to choose life,” the group said on Facebook

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Source: Balkan Insight