Argentina: Tucumán’s abortion trials placed in spotlight

Demonstrators take part in a march demanding Belén’s release in front Tucumán’s courts. A sign reads “my body, my choice”.

By Ximena Schinca
Herald staff
Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rights groups hail the release of ‘Belén’ — but activists say the problems in the province run deeper
An online campaign, in the wake of the temporary release of a prisoner from jail, is seeking to build momentum and pile pressure on the authorities in Tucumán province, while abortion rights are currently high on the national agenda.

“The #YoSoyBelén (“I am Belén”) campaign is aimed at the medical and judicial staff who displayed intent to violate ‘Beléns’ privacy, and at showing that all women, any of us could be ‘Belén,” said Alejandra del Castillo, a member of a campaign group who battled for the 27-year-old’s release from jail, in conversation with the Herald.

Del Castillo was addressing the recent social media campaign that was launched in order to build awareness about health rights and the victim’s recent experiences in the northern province.

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Source: Buenos Aires Herald