Argentina’s Abortion Vote Reveals the Catholic Church’s Deep Fear of Female Desire

Argentina's Abortion Vote Reveals the Catholic Church's Deep Fear of Female Desire

By Claudia Piñeiro
August 6, 2018

Piñeiro is an Argentine novelist, playwright and screenwriter, best known for her crime and mystery novels, most of which became bestsellers in Argentina.

Legal abortion or illicit abortion: this is what we’re discussing in Argentina these days. The country is one step away from approving a law that would cease to make abortion illicit and illegal. (The Senate votes on Wednesday.)

I have a hard time explaining it to friends and colleagues from other parts of the world. The image they have of Argentina does not match that of a country refusing to grant women this right. A pioneer in human rights, Argentina boasts one of the highest ranked universities in the world, has a thriving and diverse cultural life, and introduced same-sex marriage more than eight years ago. And my country brags a growing feminist movement, taking to the streets and making its voice heard loud and clear.