Australian Lawmakers Vote No on Legal Abortion Law

Australian Lawmakers Vote No on Legal Abortion Law
In New South Wales, abortion is punishable with 10 years in prison.

Laura Bannister
Jun 2, 2017

Last month, members of the New South Wales Parliament in Australia voted against a bill that would decriminalize abortion, which has been an offense under the state’s Crimes Act since 1900. The law reform bill — which had been brought forward by Member of Parliament Mehreen Faruqi of the Greens Party — was swiftly defeated in the upper house, 25 to 14. The reigning Liberal-National government (broadly defined as center-right conservatives) were given a conscience vote, meaning they could break with their party’s pro-life position if they chose. None did. According to The Guardian, members of the public, who watched the proceedings from the open gallery above, hollered “SHAME!” when results of the conscience vote were revealed.

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