Brazil – Talking about abortion as a health issue is talking about democracy

April 7, 2022
Thiago Amparo

“The poor woman is poking her uterus with a crochet needle, drinking tea from anything. Meanwhile, madam can have an abortion in Paris, she can go to Berlin, find a good clinic and have an abortion,” Lula said in defending the legalization of abortion this Tuesday (5). Back in 1998, he said he was against abortion and even LGBT marriage. He changed position, luckily.

It is not the first time that Lula has spoken pro-abortion: in 2021, in an interview with rapper Mano Brown on his podcast, Lula defended being personally against abortion, but in favor, as head of state, of abortion as a “women’s right”. ” and “public policy”. In 2009, as president, she championed the same.