Brazil: The pill of choice

misoprostolby Letícia Bahia
8th July, 2016

The positive result of her pregnancy test fell heavy on Ana’s shoulders, a 28 year old Brazilian woman. Her job as a maid could barely feed her 3 children. Her husband was unemployed and had been coping with alcohol. Desperate, she seeked help from her neighbour, Maria. Years before Ana learned that Maria had also been pregnant, and ironically, Ana participated in the gossip of those who judged Maria by the mysterious disappearance of her pregnancy. Maria smiled at her semi-condescendingly; she had lived this same experience before. “There’s a way,” she said, “and you don’t need a doctor”. She told Ana what some other Maria had told her two years ago: she just had to buy some pills at the drugstore – “6 or 8 will do” – to settle the stomach. “It will hurt a bit”, she warned, “but it will work.”

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Source: Safe2Choose