Canada – A Week in the Life: An OBGYN Who Provides Abortions

‘Only the pregnant person can know what continuing or ending a pregnancy means to them.’ First in an occasional series.

andrea bennett,
June 1, 2022

Today, The Tyee starts an occasional series that covers a day — or a week — in a person’s work life. We’ll be speaking with people in blue-, white- and pink-collar professions, about what they find stressful and joyful, and how current labour and cultural climates are affecting their work lives. Why? Because we often live in our own bubbles, with people who have jobs like our own and, often, similar lives. Getting to know other people, including what they do and how they feel about their work, can help us get out of those bubbles and understand each other’s worlds.

Our first interview subject is an obstetrician gynecologist who provides a full range of reproductive health care, including medical and surgical abortions, in B.C.