Canada: The CPC’s bringing back the abortion debate — bet on it

The CPC's bringing back the abortion debate — bet on it
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Scheer can’t stop it — and it’s going to cripple the party in 2019

Michael Harris
Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Justin Trudeau must have slept like a baby last night. 2019 is no longer the year of living dangerously as far as the Conservative threat to his regency is concerned.

Not only did the social conservatives retain control of the Harper Party, but in Andrew Scheer, the former PM (still thought to be a behind-the-scenes puppet-master by some) likely got the candidate he wanted. At the very least, he did not get an uppity progressive like Michael Chong — who defied him in the days of Harper’s flat-out authoritarianism — or the weak tea of an Erin O’Toole.