Canada – ‘This is unacceptable’: Councillor looks to strengthen regulations on anti-abortion leaflets in Calgary

A notice of motion is calling for new restrictions on the distribution of flyers containing images of aborted fetuses

Michael Rodriguez
Sep 25, 2022

The City of Calgary is considering bolstering restrictions on the door-to-door distribution of flyers containing images of aborted fetuses, content one councillor likened to “pornography” and traumatizing for many residents and families.

In a notice of motion to be heard Thursday in an executive committee meeting, councillors are calling for city staff to draft a new bylaw that would require the graphic imagery in pamphlets often sent out by anti-abortion groups to be concealed by an envelope, adhesives or folding, and include a viewer discretion warning. A majority of council members have signed on to the notice of motion, making it likely to be approved during Thursday’s meeting.