Canada: Why is getting the abortion pill to women such a complicated thing?

Globe editorial, The Globe and Mail

Published Monday, Sep. 26, 2016 6:00PM EDT

Already the victims of Health Canada’s glacial bureaucracy, and of its paternalistic view of their ability to safely administer prescription drugs to themselves, Canadian women waiting to be able to use the most commonly prescribed medical abortion treatment in the world woke up to a fresh slap in the face on Monday.

It now appears that Mifegymiso will not be eligible for health-care coverage in most of the country, and that women will have to shell out $300 for the treatment when it becomes available later this fall. This is appalling. The government can and should take steps to remedy this.

This latest setback comes after Celopharma Inc., the company distributing Mifegymiso in Canada, declined to spend $72,000 on a review of the medication’s cost-effectiveness that is required before it can be covered by provincial health plans.
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Source: Globe & Mail