Opinion: On TV, abortion is the road less traveled. Life’s not like that.

Kate Cohen
Feb. 19, 2021

After the sixth episode of “Atypical,” I stormed into my daughter’s room.

“Please tell me the therapist is not going to have that baby.”

She paused to remember which show she had told me to watch, and then she shrugged sympathetically. “Sorry, Mom.”

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USA – In 2020, TV and film still couldn’t get abortion right

December 29, 2020

Herold and Gretchen Sisson

According to decades of research, abortion is an incredibly common and safe
medical procedure.

But if you learned about abortion only from movies and TV, that’s not the story
you’d see. For the last eight years, we’ve been studying onscreen depictions of
abortion. We’ve found that Hollywood tends to dramatically exaggerate the
medical risks associated with abortion while downplaying real barriers to

Aside from a few exceptions, 2020’s onscreen content continued to reflect
patterns we’d identified in previous years.


This is Not Your Typical Love Letter: An Abortion Story


A new short film on YouTube tells the story of one young woman’s experience terminating a pregnancy while offering a glimpse into the plight of the contemporary generation to dismantle an archaic stigma.

This is Not a Love Letter is, in truth, a conversation. The film conveys with an impunative honesty writer Isabel Pask’s own experience soliciting an abortion in the U.S. It is sequential and deliberate in form. It is intimate and brazen in feeling. It builds to a catharsis that has the capacity to resonate with anyone who has ever felt silenced or marginalized. It exudes love, laughter and sisterhood. In Pask’s words, it is a commentary on “the resilience of women”.

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Artists and Art Workers Challenge Poland’s Abortion Ban

Curator Natalia Sielewicz speaks with Pablo Larios about winning the fight for women’s rights in Poland

06 NOV 20

Pablo Larios: Recent programming at Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art has focused on biopolitical and feminist perspectives: ‘Paint, Also known as Blood. Women, Affect and Desire in Contemporary Painting’, which you curated last year for instance, and ‘Niepodległe: Women, Independence and National Discourse’, curated by Magda Lipska in 2018, which focused (among other topics) on the role of women in Poland’s Solidarność trade union movement. With this in mind, what do you make of the huge protests that have engulfed Poland over the past two weeks in response to the constitutional court’s attempted anti-abortion ruling?

Natalia Sielewicz: Those two shows complement each other in an interesting manner in relation to the current feminist revolt. …

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Philippines – ’Give women options’: Advocates push for decriminalization of abortion

OCT 26, 2020

'There are a lot of reasons why women need to get an abortion. It's not just unwanted pregnancy. There are victims of abuse and rape,' shares one guest.

"We want to give women options whenever they face a particular situation, and that’s not something we can judge them for."

This was what Shiph Belonguel, youth reproductive health rights advocate, said during the 3rd episode of Spilling the Tea, a webinar series held by Rappler and SheDecides Philippines, a movement that promotes the fundamental rights of adolescent girls and women.

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You Can Be Religious and Believe in Abortion

by Jhoni Jackson
21 October

"I've had two abortions, I'm blessed, that's it," Viva Ruiz tells PAPER. "God loves us. Period. There's no apology. There's no debate."

Last week, Thank God for Abortion — a collective activism initiative, though founded by Ruiz, who is currently an artist-in-residence at Shout Your Abortion — released an eponymous anthem. It's an electro-reggaeton track that, combined with its video, leaves little unspoken, connecting the dots between various oppressions. 100% of Bandcamp proceeds will benefit the Abortion Care Network.

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How The “Abortion Road Trip” Movie Became An Instant Classic

OCTOBER 20, 2020

Conversations about abortion have been playing out on the big screen since decades before Roe V. Wade legalized them in the United States in 1973. One of the first known movies that deals with the topic is a 1916 film called Where Are My Children? Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the early year, it was a negative portrayal of abortion.

In recent years, however, depictions of abortion in movies have become more common and somewhat more realistic. In 2020 alone, there have been nine films that depict a character obtaining an abortion, double the number of 2019, according to Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH)’s Abortion Onscreen Database. Only two of these movies showed an adverse physical outcome as a result of an abortion, and none portray an adverse psychological outcome. Two are comedies.

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USA – Amanda Shires on Why She Wrote a Song About Abortion

“The Problem,” a collaboration with Jason Isbell, imagines a couple having an honest, difficult conversation

September 28, 2020

Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell depict a couple having an honest, difficult conversation about abortion in the new song “The Problem.” The track’s release coincides with International Safe Abortion Day and proceeds from its sales will go to the Yellowhammer Fund, a reproductive justice organization based in Alabama.

Shires wrote the song a few years ago and originally imagined it as a conversation between several women, but revamped it to feature her collaborator and husband. The timing of “The Problem” and the fact that it’s benefiting the Yellowhammer Fund are both important, as draconian, punitive abortion laws have been enacted in Alabama and neighboring states in the last year.

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‘Unpregnant’ star Haley Lu Richardson and director on why they made abortion-centric dramedy

SEP 08, 2020

This isn’t the kind of buddy road trip you’d expect to be played for laughs.

In the dramedy “Unpregnant” — hitting HBO Max Thursday and based on last year’s novel of the same name by Jenni Hendriks and Ted Caplan — Haley Lu Richardson stars as overachieving Missouri teen Veronica, who will do anything to get an abortion.

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USA – Hooray! An Abortion Buddy Comedy

By Sangeeta Singh-Kurtz
Aug 12, 2020

In an interminably looooong list of bummer abortion movies — with some great exceptions like Obvious Child, Saint Frances, and Grandma — it’s still not all that often that a terminated pregnancy is anything other than the dark center of an upsetting story line. So, when a movie that depicts abortion as not only essential but ordinary — perhaps even comedic — I breathe a sigh of relief.

Needless to say I am thrilled about HBO Max’s Unpregnant, which is one part road-movie, one-part buddy comedy, where the protagonist needs to terminate her pregnancy (but that fact is a part of the broader story arc of her character and not just her One Thing.)

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