India – 28-week-old fetus’ right to life trumps right to abort: SC

Dhananjay Mahapatra / TNN
May 16, 2024

Supreme Court upholds 28-week-old fetus’s right to life, denying unmarried woman’s plea to terminate pregnancy under Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act despite provisions for rape survivors and minors to abort beyond 24 weeks. Delhi HC Justice Subramonium Prasad rejects plea for termination citing ethical and legal concerns about feticide. … SC said, "The child in the womb has a fundamental right to life.”


In France, abortion restrictions offset by medical autonomy

While U.S. grapples to recruit OB-GYNs in the aftermath of Dobbs, French restrictions spur less concern

By Ariel Cohen
Posted May 16, 2024

PARIS — In an airless classroom in Paris City University one Friday afternoon in March, a group of 17 female health care professionals — some doctors, some midwives — gathered to spend the weekend learning how to perform surgical abortions.

Sophie Gaudau is the no-nonsense leader of REVHO health network, which started providing abortion training for health professionals 20 years ago, back when abortion access in France was slightly more limited for patients and in terms of what the doctor could do. Today her organization receives support from the French Ministry of Health and Prevention.


UK – Teenager accused of illegal abortion told police she had stillbirth, court hears

Gloucester crown court told Sophie Harvey and boyfriend, then 19, bought pills to end 28-week pregnancy in 2018

Steven Morris
Wed 15 May 2024

A teenager accused of taking a pill to illegally abort a baby told police she had reconciled herself to the idea of having the child but suffered a stillbirth, a jury has heard.

Sophie Harvey, who was 19 at the time, said she panicked and wrapped the dead baby in a towel, put it in a plastic bag and placed it in a bin at the family home in Gloucestershire.


Guam governor, attorney general face off over decades-old abortion ban

By Kalvis Golde
May 15, 2024

In the 1990s, a federal district court in Guam blocked a total ban on abortion enacted by the territory’s legislature because it conflicted with Roe v. Wade. After the justices overruled Roe two years ago in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Guam’s attorney general sought to lift the hold on the ban. But the Guam Supreme Court, in response to a request by the territory’s governor, ruled that the ban cannot be revived because more recent abortion laws have effectively wiped it from the books. This week, we highlight petitions that ask the court to consider, among other things, whether the Guam Supreme Court had the authority to wade into the dispute.

When the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutional right to abortion in its 1992 decision in Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey, it surprised many who doubted that the court was willing to defend Roe after two decades of fighting over abortion. Among the skeptics was the Guam legislature, which in 1990 enacted a total ban on abortion, wagering that the tides would soon shift and states and territories would be allowed to regulate abortion on their own. A federal court quickly put the ban on hold, agreeing with the challengers that it violated Roe. When Casey ultimately upheld Roe, that hold remained in effect.


UK – Teenager used pills for illegal abortion, court hears

May 14, 2024
Steve Knibbs & PA Media, BBC News, Gloucestershire/

A six-month pregnant teenager obtained pills to illegally abort her own baby, a court has heard. Sophie Harvey, of St Mary’s Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, is accused of taking the drug to end her pregnancy after learning she could not get a legal abortion.

Prosecutors allege Miss Harvey and her boyfriend Elliot Benham, both now aged 25, searched online for methods to end the pregnancy and bought drugs, which she then took.


Tennessee woman denied abortion after fetus’ ‘brain not attached’ slams state ban

State lawmakers ‘don’t see the mourning and the grieving that these moms’ experience after getting a heartbreaking diagnosis, Breanna Cecil tells Kelly Rissman

May 13, 2024

A Tennessee woman who was denied an abortion despite a fatal abnormality says the state’s anti-abortion laws resulted in her losing an ovary, a fallopian tube and her hopes for a large family.

“The state of Tennessee took my fertility from me,” Breanna Cecil, 34, told The Independent. She added that state lawmakers “took away my opportunity to have a family like my own biological family because of these horrible laws that they put in place.”


Malawi – Unsafe abortion putting lives of women in danger – Human Rights Media Organization

May 11, 2024 
Martha Chikoti 

Centre for Solutions Journalism (CSJ), a human rights media organization, says unsafe abortion puts the lives of girls and women in danger especially those in remote areas due to ignorance and lack of information on Sexual and Reproductive Health related issues.

Executive Director, Brian Ligomeka, made the statement on Friday during a media training that the organization conducted on reporting sexual and reproductive health issues in  Lilongwe.


Trudeau cabinet minister tells her raw personal story in the House of Commons, on the same day two Conservative MPs attend anti-abortion rally

May 9, 2024

OTTAWA — Federal cabinet minister Soraya Martinez Ferrada was determined to put a human face — hers — on a political story that was fiercely argued in the abstract this week, inside and outside Parliament.

The tourism minister stood in the House of Commons during question period and told MPs she had an abortion at age 18, after she discovered she was pregnant shortly after arriving back in Chile — a country her parents had fled years earlier as political refugees of the Pinochet regime.


Abortion rights activists heckle Italy’s family minister at conference

By Angelo Amante
May 9, 2024

ROME (Reuters) - Protesters on Thursday heckled Italy's family minister over her critical position on abortion rights, forcing her to abandon a speech at a conference on reversing the country's declining birth rate.

When Eugenia Roccella -- a member of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy party -- took the floor, activists booed and raised letters forming the sentence "I decide over my body."

Roccella initially tried to confront the protesters, but then decided to give up her planned speech.


Polish far-right slams EU abortion financing initiative

By Aleksandra Krzysztoszek |
May 9, 2024

Funding abortions for women seeking treatment in other EU member states with limited services is “unacceptable”, conservative opposition MP Karina Bosak told, referring to a recently registered EU citizens’ initiative.

Bosak referred to the EU Citizens’ Initiative dubbed “My Voice, My Choice”, registered by the European Commission last month. It calls on the Commission to put forward a proposal to set up a fund to cover the costs of women who cannot access abortion in their own member state and choose to travel to another country with more liberal abortion laws.