Tracking where abortion laws stand in every state

In more than half the states, abortion is now banned or under serious threat

Andrew Witherspoon and Alvin Chang
Tue 28 Jun 2022

The US supreme court ruled that abortion is not protected under the constitution, which means states now have the power to regulate the procedure as they see fit.

Abortion bans invalidated by Roe v Wade have suddenly been resurrected. States hostile to abortion are now putting into force “trigger laws”, designed to ban abortion if federal protections were overturned. And inevitably conservative state legislatures and governors will pass additional restrictions in the coming weeks and months. In about 60% of states, abortion is now banned, soon-to-be banned or under serious threat.

Abortion rights groups launch multi-state court effort to stop or slow enforcement of abortion bans

By Tierney Sneed, CNN
Tue June 28, 2022

Abortion rights proponents have filed court actions in at least seven states seeking to block or slow the enforcement of abortion bans in the days since Friday's US Supreme Court ruling cleared the way for states to prohibit the procedure.

In Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi and Texas, state court lawsuits were filed Monday by abortion providers challenging those states' moves to ban the procedure. They come as state judges in Louisiana and Utah issued temporary restraining orders, halting enforcement of abortion prohibitions in those states, after abortion providers filed suits.

African Abortion Rights Now at Risk After US Supreme Court Decision

By Lisa Vives, Global Information Network
27 June 2022

NEW YORK (IDN) — In Africa, where the risk of dying from an unsafe abortion is the highest in the world, Roe v Wade has long been an important weapon in the arsenal of those fighting to liberalize abortion laws and make the procedure safer for women and girls despite it rarely being invoked by name.

Human rights lawyer Stephanie Musho, a Kenyan, pointed to the case of Tunisia which liberalized their law limiting abortions just nine months after the Roe v Wade ruling—allowing women to access the service on demand.


Israel abortion reforms approved amid Roe v. Wade crisis

Israel's Labor, Welfare and Health Committee approved abortion reforms, which would allow women easier access to treatment.

JUNE 27, 2022

The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee on Monday approved abortion reforms in a preliminary reading after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

The amendment would allow women to apply online to get an abortion and to receive a pharmacological abortion in more accessible places.


How green became the international color of abortion rights

June 25, 2022
by Ella Ceron and Taylor Johnson

(Bloomberg) — As abortion-rights activists took to the streets to protest the Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade on Friday, some wore green scarves, shirts and other pieces of clothing. Others held up signs with green lettering or background.

The color became a symbol of resistance to anti-abortion laws during pro-abortion rights activist efforts in Argentina. Then it was taken up by organizers in other Latin American countries, and it has since spread around the world. The green bandanna first appeared in 2015, worn by activists in the “ni una menos” or “not one less” movement who were protesting violence against women in Argentina, according to Amnesty International. Argentina legalized abortion in December 2020, and the symbol became known as the “marea verde,” or the “green wave.”


European leaders decry US restriction of abortion rights

US Supreme Court ruling adds to sense that America is out of step with other modern democracies.

June 25, 2022

European leaders are voicing dismay and outrage about the U.S. Supreme Court decision stripping the legal right for women to obtain an abortion.

“Making abortions illegal isn’t pro-life. It’s anti-choice,” Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel tweeted. “It’s a social & economic injustice. And just so, so wrong. Reproductive rights are not just women’s rights. They are human rights. So let’s all stand up for them.”


Before Roe v Wade fell, Gerri Santoro’s death galvanised America’s abortion movement. This is her story

Jade Macmillan and Joanna Robin in Washington DC
Sat 25 Jun 2022

A woman lies dead on a motel room floor, her naked body hunched over a blood-soaked towel.

She died alone, abandoned by her lover after a failed self-induced abortion in 1964.

Her name was Gerri Santoro.

French lawmakers propose bill to inscribe abortion rights in constitution

Constitutional law would cement abortion rights for future generations, says member of parliament

Associated Press in Paris
Sat 25 Jun 2022

A group of lawmakers from the French president’s party will propose a bill to inscribe abortion rights into the country’s constitution, according to a statement by two members of parliament on Saturday.

The move comes after the US supreme court overturned a 50-year-old ruling and stripped women’s constitutional protections for abortion.


Some states move quickly to ban abortion after Supreme Court ruling

By Tierney Sneed, CNN
Sat June 25, 2022

Now that the Supreme Court has given the green light for lawmakers to prohibit abortion, several states, most of them Republican-led, have taken quick steps to do so. At least 10 states have effectively banned abortion since Friday's ruling.

In all, 26 states have laws that indicate they could outlaw or set extreme limits on abortions, effectively banning abortion in those states, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

Overturning of Roe v Wade abortion law a ‘huge blow to women’s human rights’ warns Bachelet

24 June 2022
United Nations

The widely anticipated Supreme Court decision, by six votes to three, was made in the specific case of Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health, and Michelle Bachelet said in a statement that it represents a “major setback” for sexual and reproductive health across the US.

The historic decision returns all questions of legality and access to abortion, to the individual states.

Reacting earlier to the US ruling, without making specific reference to it, the UN sexual and reproductive health agency (UNFPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) noted that a staggering 45 per cent of all abortions around the world, are unsafe, making the procedure a leading cause of maternal death.