Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Champion Of Gender Equality, Dies At 87

September 18, 2020

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the demure firebrand who in her 80s became a legal, cultural and feminist icon, died Friday. The Supreme Court announced her death, saying the cause was complications from metastatic cancer of the pancreas.

The court, in a statement, said Ginsburg died at her home in Washington surrounded by family. She was 87.

"Our nation has lost a justice of historic stature," Chief Justice John Roberts said. "We at the Supreme Court have lost a cherished colleague. Today we mourn but with confidence that future generations will remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg as we knew her, a tireless and resolute champion of justice."

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From Unpregnant to Obvious Child, ‘Abortion Comedies’ Are Here to Stay

And we need them more than ever.

By Jenny Singer
September 10, 2020

There’s a moment in Unpregnant, a buddy comedy movie about abortion now streaming on HBO Max, that is so magical, so dead on in its rendering of the fearful joy of being alive that it will stay with you far longer than any headline spelling the doom of legal abortion.

Two teenage girls—played by Barbie Ferreira and Haley Lu Richardson—are hundreds of miles from home, literally upside down on a whirling fairground ride on a spring night in Texas, shouting truths to each other.

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Pence makes pitch to anti-abortion voters in battleground states

By Caroline Kelly, CNN
Sat September 5, 2020

(CNN) Vice President Mike Pence is making a strong pitch to a potentially crucial base of swing-state anti-abortion voters heading into the last two months of the presidential campaign.

On a visit to North Carolina this week, he attacked Democratic nominee Joe Biden on abortion and reminded people of President Donald Trump's record appointing conservative judges.

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India – We Need To Talk About Unsafe Sex And Our Dilemmas Around Using Contraception

By Pragya Roy
September 2, 2020

As much as our country fears conversations around the word and the act of sex, especially outside the institution of marriage and/or for pleasure, the liberal and feminist circles which do widely dicusss sex, sexuality and the common anxieties around them, often tend to overlook one of the most prominent and anxiety-inducing notions—‘unsafe’ sex. In 2013, it was revealed that unsafe sex was the “second riskiest behaviour for boys and the greatest single risk to the health of girls,” in the worldwide risk table.

Although this particular study projected its findings solely on adolescents, unsafe and unprotected sex impacts other age groups too. Institutions of marriage, education and family, entwine with each other whereby factors like child marriage, lack of sex and sexuality education in schools and misogynistic structures engender diverse sexual and sexually violent episodes, especially for women and marginalised groups.

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List abortion as an essential service during Covid-19

This will reduce abortion-related mortality and morbidity.

01 September 2020

According to the World Health Organization, lack of access to safe abortion results in 45 per cent of all abortions globally being unsafe and 13 per cent of maternal mortality worldwide. In addition, WHO has listed reproductive health services, including care during pregnancy and childbirth, as essential services.

However, the challenge lies in ensuring safe abortion care as a component of reproductive health service. The emergence of Covid-19 has further worsened the sexual and reproductive health of women, who may be in danger of pregnancy complications and are therefore at risk of unsafe abortion.

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Michigan Police Express Sympathy for Anti-Abortion Clinic Blockade


In the early morning of Friday, Aug. 27, 12 fanatical anti-abortion extremists in Sterling Heights, Mich., formed an unyielding blockade in front of the Northland Family Planning Center—known for providing access to abortion, pregnancy tests, treatment for miscarriages, and gynecological care, among other reproductive health care services.

There are three Northland Family Planning Centers located across Michigan—and all have been under siege from anti-choice extremists throughout the summer months.

Continued: https://msmagazine.com/2020/08/31/anti-abortion-clinic-blockade-in-michigan-receives-sympathy-from-local-police/

How abortion bans harm LGBTQ2 people, too

Queer and trans people are systematically harmed by continued attempts to dismantle abortion access in the U.S.

By Jessica Zucker
Aug 25, 2020

Amidst a global pandemic that has already claimed the lives of over 165,000 Americans and left more than 20 million unemployed, GOP politicians are still shamelessly focused on curtailing access to safe, legal, affordable abortion care. In Nebraska, Republicans have introduced a bill that would ban an abortion method that is proven to be safe. In Iowa, GOP lawmakers passed a law requiring abortion patients to make an additional, medically unnecessary appointment with an abortion provider then wait 24 hours to receive abortion care. In Tennessee, lawmakers successfully banned abortion as early as six weeks, which is before most people even know they’re pregnant (the law was blocked by a federal court 45 minutes after it was signed).

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Nepal – ‘Media coverage of safe abortion, marriage equality insufficient’

Kathmandu, August 20

A media monitoring study has concluded that mainstream daily newspapers of the country have not given sufficient space to the issues related to safe abortion, and marriage equality.

Yuwalaya, a youth NGO, says it made the conclusion after monitoring the news reports published in 10 daily newspapers published from Kathmandu throughout 2019. The report was made public in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

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Rwanda – If you are under 18, the law limits your access to reproductive health services. It is time to change, activists say

By Ange Iliza
August 13, 2020

The law relating to Human Reproductive Health in Rwanda grants every person the right to medical services and information related to human reproductive health.

However, the law limits people under 18 years of age from deciding for themselves on issues regarding reproductive health and offers no clear guidelines on how adolescents can access services related to sexual health and reproduction.

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