UAE Clarifies Abortion Rules, Procedures

New regulation calls for the establishment of committees to evaluate abortion requests on a case-by-case basis

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health and Prevention announced new regulations on abortion last week, clarifying the cases in which a woman is allowed to terminate her pregnancy.

The new regulation allows women to request an abortion during the first 120 days of pregnancy. A committee will then examine the request, and if the committee finds a medical case for the abortion, the woman will be allowed to undergo an abortion. According to regulation, abortions will be performed only by specialist obstetrician-gynecologists in licensed healthcare facilities.


UAE ministry announces abortion regulations

All cases of abortion should be performed in an authorised facility by a licensed physician

by Angel Tesorero
Sat 8 Jun 2024

The UAE's Ministry of Health and Prevention (Mohap) on Saturday announced the procedures and controls for cases where abortion is permitted, aimed at “preserving the pregnant woman’s life, ensuring her safety, and enhancing oversight of healthcare facilities in the country".

Abortion is permitted "under clear conditions and controls", Mohap said, adding that a committee shall be established in each health authority to thoroughly examine abortion requests.


Change in UAE law on abortion eases consent rules, protects pregnant woman’s life

According to the law, consent shall not be a condition in emergency cases that require immediate surgical intervention

by Sahim Salim / Nasreen Abdulla
Mon 19 Feb 2024

An amendment to an existing UAE law has made it easier for medical professionals to conduct an abortion if the mother’s life is in grave danger. According to lawyers in the country, this significant change puts the pregnant woman in charge of her health.

“The amendments to the law updated the previous provisions to assert that only the consent of the pregnant woman, and not her husband, is required to commence an abortion operation (among other conditions),” said Hadiel Hussein, senior associate at BSA Ahmad Bin Hezeem & Associates LLP.


Women in UAE no longer need spousal consent for emergency abortions

New legislation also permits private licensed clinics to perform the procedure

Shireena Al Nowais
Dec 03, 2023

Women in the UAE no longer require their husband's consent to undergo emergency abortions.

New legislation allows women to terminate their pregnancy after receiving the results of their medical report if it states that their own life, or that of their unborn child, is at risk.

The procedure will only be granted after the woman has given her consent, or if her consent is not possible, her husband or guardian.


Calls for legal reform to allow late-stage abortions in UAE

Shireena Al Nowais
October 18, 2016

ABU DHABI // Doctors and mothers have called for a change in the law to make terminating a pregnancy permissible even when a foetus has passed 120 days.

They say babies are being born with abnormalities that cannot be detected until much later in pregnancy, risking the life of both mother and child.

One mother was told a few weeks before she gave birth that her baby had a chromosomal abnormality that would cause all his organs to gradually shut down, and he would live for less than a year. Grief-stricken and helpless, she must now watch her little boy die.

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Source: The National