Abortion in India – still not a right but a privilege

MAY 3, 2021

Critiquing the recently passed Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021, MEENAZ KAKALIA draws on trends in previous judicial decisions and her own personal experience as an advocate who has filed several petitions on behalf of women seeking termination of their pregnancies beyond the prescribed period. She explains why medical boards that have now been made a permanent feature of the Act, are problematic, and recommends that abortions should be made a right for women, solely determined by expectant mothers on the basis of informed consent.

THE Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Act, 2021 received Presidential Assent on 25th March 2021. The Act amends the original enactment of 1971 to increase the number of weeks within which a woman can terminate her pregnancy, and provides for certain circumstances in which a pregnancy can be terminated at any stage.

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Expanding access to safe abortions in Japan

May 2, 2021

Choosing to get an abortion is not an easy decision to make. But women in Japan who do so, due to a variety of reasons, may soon have a safer alternative to surgical procedures — currently the only option they have.

LinePharma, a British pharmaceutical maker, is planning to seek the Japanese government’s approval for the use of its first oral “abortion pills” in Japan as a safe and affordable method of inducing abortion in early stages of pregnancy.

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‘Pasya’ album destigmatising abortion in the Philippines features BP Valenzuela, members of The Buildings, Flying Ipis and more

NME talks to artists and organisers behind the eclectic compilation, which is out today

By Michael Beltran
30th April 2021

A number of Philippines artists, including BP Valenzuela and Aly Cabral of The Buildings, have joined forces on ‘Pasya’, a compilation advocating the destigmatisation and decriminalisation of abortion in the country.

Digitally released today (April 30), the 12-track album – whose title means ‘choice’ – is also a collaboration between several pro-choice and advocacy groups: It was spearheaded by the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) and is a collaboration with the Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network (PINSAN) and Filipino Freethinkers, with support from Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF) and Abortion Conversation Projects (ACP).

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Amended Abortion Law Still Gives Doctors, Not Women, The Final Say

The amended abortion law has allowed termination of pregnancy up to 24 weeks but with a medical board's approval. Abortion is still not available on demand and a woman's agency is not recognised

By Akshita Nagpal
27 April, 2021

New Delhi: The terms for abortion have been liberalised in India after an amended law received the President's assent on March 25, 2021. But gender and reproductive rights activists are disappointed that the law still does not recognise abortion as a woman's choice that can be sought on-demand, as is the practice in 73 countries.

These are the key changes that the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP Amendment) Act, 2021, has brought in:

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Pakistan – A strange paradox

Rizwana Naqvi
April 23, 2021

To say that we live in a patriarchal society would be a cliché, but how else can we describe a society where women can’t even make decisions regarding their own body, and regarding when and how many children to have.

Feminists have for years been advocating for equal rights for women not only in education and health but in all spheres of life. And when it comes to women’s rights, reproductive health is an important segment where women need to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, according to the State of World Population 2019 report, Pakistan’s maternal mortality (death due to pregnancy-related complication) rate was still as high as 178 women per 100,000. Though it has improved from 276 in 2008 and 375 per 100,000 in 1995, it is still quite high, as compared to other countries in the region.

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Philippines – This music album presents tales about abortion we need to understand

Because unsafe abortion is an issue of public health, human rights, and social justice

Published April 16, 2021
by John Legaspi

Humanity has been making things taboo for a handful of reasons. Often, these are things they don’t know much about. Sometimes, they do know some things about it but reject further information. In other cases, they are given unfair images about the subject. In the case of abortion, unfortunately, it ticks all the boxes.

In the past, we rarely saw good materials about abortion. People who try to speak about it are always met with judging eyes. But thanks to modern media and art, discussions about abortion have once again arisen. Who could forget about that abortion episode in “Sex Education” or that 2020 art exhibit “Abortion is Normal” in the US? Organizations like Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) and Philippine Safe Abortion Advocacy Network (PINSAN) has been doing the same thing in the Philippines, particularly, in advocating for safe abortion.

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India – SCB MCH to examine minor rape survivor’s health for abortion

The case was referred for abortion by the district headquarters hospital at Puri to the SCB MCH on March 26, 2021, noting in the referral sheet that her pregnancy was 21 weeks old.

Published: 12th April 2021
Express News Service

BHUBANESWAR:  Acting on a petition by the father of a 14-year-old rape survivor who is 23 weeks pregnant, for medical termination of her pregnancy, a division bench of Orissa High Court recently asked the Superintendent of SCB Medical College and Hospital to examine her condition.

The case was referred for abortion by the
district headquarters hospital at Puri to the SCB MCH on March 26, 2021, noting
in the referral sheet that her pregnancy was 21 weeks old.

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Abortion and the right to choice: Is MTP (Amendment) Act 2021 a breakthrough for India?

Gayatri Vinayak
Mon., April 5, 2021

Rajya Sabha recently passed a bill to allow abortions of up to 24 weeks for special categories of women, up from the existing 20 weeks gestation period.

Under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (Amendment) Bill 2021, which amends the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, special categories of women, including victims of incest, rape victims, minors and differently-abled women, will be allowed to undergo abortion till 24 weeks.

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India – Set up board to look into plea on abortion, says HC

MARCH 31, 2021

The Delhi High Court has directed the All India Institute Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to constitute a medical board to examine a woman who wanted medical termination of her 24-week pregnancy as her foetus is suffering from facial haemorrhage and hydrocephalus.

Justice Navin Chawla asked the Medical Superintendent of AIIMS here to appoint a Board of Doctors to examine the woman and give a report on the advisability of her undergoing medical termination of pregnancy.

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India – Where is the medical technology in the latest MTP Bill 2020?

March 26, 2021 
Jasmine Lovely George

If you read closely the Objective of latest Amendment in the Medical Termination Bill, 2020 you would really think that this Bill had an intention of coming to terms with advancement in medical technology. But that’s not the case. At an age where people are trying to colonise Mars, how difficult would it be to make abortion lot more easier and simpler for women and pregnant folks?

The latest law just made accessing abortion little more difficult.

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